Big Ten Big 12 Conference Crossover

Art VandelayCorrespondent IJune 19, 2009

I first saw this idea from a fan of college football on an ESPN forum, which then coincidentally (or maybe not so much) ended up being featured on ESPN's website.  Each team was matched up, and it was really interesting.  Let me tell you, I would love to see this happen.  I decided to pair up the Big Ten and Big 12 because a) I hate the SEC because of their fans and Urban Meyer, and b) the PAC 10 champ plays (i.e. USC dismantles) the Big Ten champ every year in the Rose Bowl.  What would this look like?  It would have to be based on the results from the year before, and the Big Ten would have to add another team.  Here we go, as is.

Penn State-Texas

Penn State has the star power to hang with Texas, something most other teams in not only the Big Ten, but also the rest of the nation cannot say.  The problem is all the holes they have elsewhere.  While Penn State always seems to have a stingy defense, Texas doesn't have the typical Big 12 defense either and would frustrate Royster and Clark because of the inexperienced Penn State line.

Texas 35, Penn State 21

Ohio State-Oklahoma

I suppose this would be the battle former BCS national champions who can't seem to win a BCS bowl game any more.  Both teams have embarrassed their respective conferences in recent years by outplaying and recruiting them, and then gone and embarrassed themselves in their BCS bowl games.  WTF?  Fortunately, one of these teams has to win in a big game, and the more complete team with fewer question marks does that.

Ohio State 27, Oklahoma 14

Michigan State-Texas Tech

Both teams lost their quarterbacks, although, somehow I feel like Tech loses more than State does in this instance.  State should be strong on defense as they return a lot of talent, and have a defense-minded coach.  Tech on the other hand returns a lot from a pretty bad defense, but should be much improved, and Leach always seems to put together a strong offense in that spread of his.  However, expect the inexperienced Tech O-line to struggle with the State pass rush (despite its ineffectiveness last year).

Michigan State 28, Texas Tech 24


Two vastly different styles, but similarities in the fact that both teams lost the bulk of their offensive production from last year.  Expect the better coach and better defense to walk off the field the victors.

Iowa 24, Missouri 10


Don't be deceived.  This Northwestern team is not as bad as they have been traditionally.  They return a legitimate defense, something Nebraska hasn't seen much of in the Big 12.  While the Northwestern defense will keep them in the game, they won't be able to score enough points as Bacher and Sutton are harder to replace than at places like Nebraska.

Nebraska 13, Northwestern 10

Wisconsin-Oklahoma State

This game isn't even close.  If Wisconsin could definitely prove that they will have a very good quarterback, this could be an interesting game, seeing as how John Clay would run over the Okie State defense, and Udub has strong receivers this year.  Regardless, the Wiscy defense is weak this year after losing an underachieving defense from last year.  Wiscy should put up SOME points because of Clay and the receiving corps, but respectful is the most they can hope for.

Oklahoma State 50, Wisconsin 21


This would be an interesting game of offenses.  The only thing is Minnesota seems to be on the rise, Kansas seems to be heading more towards rebuilding.  Plus Kansas lost an excellent productive quarterback from last year, Minnesota kept theirs, and a great receiver.  Look for the Golden Gophers in this one.

Minnesota 31, Kansas 21


Purdue is going to be absolutely horrendous.  Every game is going to feel like a blow out.  This one will be no different.

Colorado 28, Purdue 3


This one just isn't fair.  While I do honestly believe that Baylor is on the way up, there is no way they could compete with the recruiting Michigan gets.  Michigan could probably out-recruit them in Texas for goodness sake.  Michigan's got the athletes, they're returning more experience.  This one would be a route.

Michigan 45, Baylor 6

Indiana-Texas A&M

We are now looking at the battle for ridicurously* horrendous.  While A&M is going to be bad, there is ALWAYS better recruiting there than Indiana.  I can't imagine Indiana beating anyone this year except for maybe Purdue.  This might be their only other close game.

Texas A&M 28, Indiana 24

The Big Ten is definitely in an off year, and the Big 12 definitely isn't what it was last year.  I'd give bragging rights to the Big 12 after a 5-5 split because their top team is better than the Big Ten's top team.  Other than that, it was pretty even. 


*For definitions of ridicurously, see Seinfeld


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