Eagles Draft Breakdown

Jameson FlemingSenior Writer IApril 28, 2008

  • The trade with the Panthers was very good and a little bad at the same time. It was bad from the stand point the Eagles haven't drafted in the first round for two years now. For a team that finished 8-8 and last the division it would have been nice to get a player who could make an impact now. With that said, the haul of picks the Eagles brought in was quite impressive. When I first saw the trade I was like oh yay! they got a second and fourth, but then it was announced they also got the Panther's first round for next year. There is a realistic chance Carolina is going to be awful next year and that pick will be a top five or ten pick. I think the window is closing on this group of Eagles within the next two or three years, so to have potentially a great pick next year will definitely help put the Eagles over top.
  • The next move is getting DeSean Jackson in the second round. He's got first round talent, mid-round size. He's got tremendous potential as a kick returned and a burner downfield. He should see playing time right away with the lack of talent the Eagles have at the wideout.
  • The final move is a move that didn't happen. Not trading Lito Shepard means the Eagles have one of the deepest secondaries in the league. The Eagles will have three solid corners with Asante Samuel, Shepard, and Sheldon Brown. With the questions the Eagles have at safeties with Brian Dawkins's age and health of Sean Considine/can Quentin Mikell be an every down player allows the Eagles to move Shepard to safety if they absolutely have to.
  • I'm not really a fan of the Jack Ikegwonu pick. From what I've read, he's high risk, high reward, but the guy had a devastating knee injury and has some legal issues. I'm skeptical he'll ever step on the field as an Eagle with those issues.
  • A lot of teams made a lot of solid picks in the late rounds, but the Eagles didn't with the exception of the 7th round. I really liked the King Dunlap pick. A lot of experts projected him in the fourth round, but he slipped down to the Eagles in the seventh. He's got excellent size at 6'8'' 310 pounds. If he matures well, he could fit in nicely with the gigantic line the Eagles are used to having.