Roger Clemens: Fallen, and Not Getting Up

Dan GurleyContributor IApril 28, 2008

Let's refresh our memories for a moment.

Only six months ago,Roger Clemens was regarded as one of the best pitchers in baseball. Despite being out of the game, we would probably say the same thing if he returned. Although rumors had begun about his alleged juicing, it was only coming from the horse's mouth.

His legacy was intact. Spot in Cooperstown secured. A gutsy, fiery 45-year-old with what appeared to be plenty left in the tank. Maybe a little too much in the tank...

Out comes the Mitchell Report on Dec. 13. You know the story. Clemens is mentioned a modest 82 times in Mitchell's 409-page investigative report. We now have another Barry Bonds.

As Clemens battles former trainer Brian McNamee in case of he said-she said, news broke late last evening of Clemens having a decade-long affair with country singer Mindy McCready.

A decade!

Clemens' lawyer, Rusty Hardin, confirmed that the two had "a friendship, and nothing more." Clemens denied any sort of sexual relationship between the two. Let's hope that is the case, for his sake.

I'm not one to throw someone under the jail before due process, but this looks bad for Clemens.  This will only add fuel to the fire for McNamee and his prosecuting team.

But would it really matter if it were confirmed that he indeed had an affair with McCready?

Not in the public's eye. His reputation has already gone to hell, without even being convicted of juicing. Whether he was unfaithful or not, we, the public, will find him guilty.

And perception is everything.

Fair or not, Clemens fall from grace continues.