WWE WrestleMania 30 Results: Moments That Will Stand the Test of Time

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistApril 9, 2014

WWE WrestleMania 30 Results: Moments That Will Stand the Test of Time

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    Like any of the events that preceded it, WrestleMania 30 was a show ripe with moments that were talked about, analyzed and dissected in the hours and days following its conclusion.

    Moments such as Cesaro's bodyslamming of Big Show over the top rope, AJ Lee overcoming the odds to retain her title, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon finally getting what was coming to them and the Wyatt Family's stellar entrance were all outstanding.

    None, however, had any real, lasting impact.

    They were phenomenal, yes, but it takes something truly special to stand the test of time.

    Sunday night, four moments in particular occurred that fans will look back on with great admiration and fondness in the years and decades to come.

    Whether it was the culmination of an eight-month journey to greatness, the shocking end to one of the most storied streaks in sports and entertainment history, the gathering of three of the greatest stars the industry has ever seen or the long-awaited return of one of wrestling's most captivating icons, the show produced four memories that encapsulated everything that WrestleMania is, was and ever will be.

The Triumph of Daniel Bryan

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    Credit: WWE.com

    At WrestleMania 10, Bret "Hitman" Hart wrestled in the opening match of the night, losing to his brother Owen and injuring his knee in the process. Later in the evening, he overcame that injury to defeat Yokozuna and capture the WWE title. It was a triumphant moment in which Hart was finally accepted as the central babyface in WWE.

    Fast forward 20 years and WrestleMania 30 featured a nearly identical scenario.

    After wrestling a near-classic against Triple H in the opening match of the evening, Bryan's arm was savagely targeted and attacked by the Cerebral Assassin, putting him at a severe disadvantage heading into the night's Triple Threat main event for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

    Bryan overcame his battered left arm and interference from the Authority and crooked referee Scott Armstrong to defeat Batista and Randy Orton and reign as champion.

    Like Hart, Bryan was repeatedly told that he was too small to make it to the top spot in the company, but hard work, perseverance and fan support willed him there anyway.

    The images of Bryan making his way to the ring amid 70,000-plus fans chanting "yes," planting Triple H with the running knee and celebrating with the WWE and World Heavyweight titles as pyro exploded and confetti rained will forever define the show.

    One cannot be made any better or in any grander fashion than Bryan was Sunday night. 

The Streak Is No More

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    Credit: WWE.com

    There are few acts in the entertainment industry that span at least two decades and continue to be a major draw throughout that entire period.

    The Streak was one of those acts, and it came to a definitive and shocking end Sunday night when Brock Lesnar pinned Undertaker following three F-5s.

    The immediate shock and awe that painted the faces of the over 70,000 fans in attendance told the entire story as far as just how meaningful the Streak had become. It was the thing of legend, a staple of WrestleMania that no one thought would ever be defeated.

    Jaws dropped, arms raised in the air and eyes widened as Lesnar was announced as the winner.

    One of the most lasting and iconic images of the entire show is Undertaker lying flat on his back with the 21-1 graphic displayed above him, signaling the end of an era and, perhaps, the greatest career in WWE history.

    The long walk up the ramp and to the backstage area felt very much like the same ones taken by Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels, both of whom were retiring from in-ring competition.

    If the match was the last go-round for Undertaker, he went out on his own terms, losing to a man he deemed worthy of conquering the greatest winning streak in professional wrestling history.

A Showcase of Immortals

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    The most surreal moment of WrestleMania 30 took place just five minutes into the broadcast when Hulk Hogan was addressing the WWE Universe, only to be interrupted by the shattering of glass and the arrival of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

    The showdown between the Attitude Era and the Rock and Wrestling Era icons was a visual few expected that they would ever see.

    The fans were overly enthusiastic as Austin threatened to open up a can on Hogan but, as it turned out, the Texas Rattlesnake simply wanted to shake Hogan's hand and tell him how much he appreciated everything the Hulkster has done for the business. This brought out The Rock, who continued to heap praise on Hogan and threw some in Austin's direction as well.

    The three legends then shared some beers before clearing out of the ring so that the stars of today could get to work.

    It was such a magical moment to kick off the 30th WrestleMania. It is rare to get two icons in the same ring at the same time, but for the three biggest stars in WWE history to stand in the center of the ring at such a landmark event was something truly special, a reunion the likes of which only WWE could have pulled off.

An Ultimate Homecoming

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Two of WrestleMania's greatest matches feature the Ultimate Warrior.

    His bout against Hulk Hogan at 1990's WrestleMania 6 was a truly epic showdown that saw Warrior achieve immortality by defeating the Hulkster clean and in the center of the ring for the WWE title. Warrior became the first Superstar to do so in such a manner since Hogan became the top star in the industry in 1984. 

    The second was the retirement match against "Macho Man" Randy Savage, a match that combined athleticism, ring work and a phenomenal story. Today, some 23 years later, the match remains one of the best examples of sports entertainment ever produced by WWE.

    Sunday night, just 24 hours after taking his place among the greatest Superstars in professional wrestling history, he stepped back onto the grandest stage that the sport has to offer and was recognized for his accomplishments in front of a massive New Orleans audience who treated him with the respect and honor he deserves.

    A great moment for one of WWE's greatest larger-than-life characters.