4 Unanswered Questions Heading into Georgia's Spring Game

Brian Jones@Brian_L_JonesContributor IApril 9, 2014

4 Unanswered Questions Heading into Georgia's Spring Game

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    John Bazemore

    There are only a few days before the Georgia Bulldogs hit the field for their annual spring game. And for the most part, fans know what to expect from players like Hutson Mason, Todd Gurley, Ramik Wilson and Amarlo Herrera.

    They also know young players like Brice Ramsey, Faton Bauta, J.J. Green and Tim Kimbrough will have a chance to make a name for themselves before the regular season begins.

    But there are a few questions heading into the spring game that need to be answered when the Bulldogs take the field for fall camp.

    Here’s a look at four unanswered questions heading into G-Day.

Who Will Win the Backup Quarterback Position?

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    247 Sports

    At the end of the 2013 season, Bauta was the backup quarterback for Mason. And based on the spring depth chart, he’s still the backup for Mason.

    But Ramsey has been getting in a lot of work during the spring, which could lead to him making a move up in the depth chart when fall camp begins.

    According to Gentry Estes of 247 Sports, the coaches have said there hasn’t been much separation between the two. So it will be very interesting to see how many reps each player gets during the spring game.

What Position Will Quayvon Hicks Play This Year?

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    The "Quayvon Hicks Experiment" has been a very intriguing storyline this spring because he is in a current state where he does not have a set position.

    He has been playing the tight end role during the scrimmages, but he’s not and most likely won’t be a full-time tight end. His natural position is fullback, but he’s more than likely going to be in different positions based on the formations.

    Hicks has been playing the tight end role due to the numerous injuries. But when they are healthy this fall, will Hicks still be part of the game plan, or was this experiment only for the spring?

Who Will Start in the Secondary?

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    The one area that fans should pay attention to is the secondary. Despite having a first and second unit, the coaches are still trying to find out who will be the best four or five guys who can make the defense more impactful.

    With the position change to Brendan Langley and J.J Green, defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt will have a lot to figure out even after spring practice begins.

    Langley has moved from cornerback to safety, and Green is now playing the "Star" position after playing running back last season.

    Then there are the cornerback positions where more than a handful of guys could be the starters including Damian Swann, Shaq Wiggins, Devin Bowman, Sheldon Dawson and walk-on freshman Aaron Davis.

Who Will Start on the Offensive Line?

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    Daniel Shirey

    Another unit that is going through a transitional phase is the offensive line. Three starters need to be replaced from last year, and it looks like the competition will go on through the summer.

    John Theus, David Andrews and Kolton Houston will see their share of playing time. But guys such as Greg Pyke, Watts Dantzler, Zach DeBell and Brandon Kublanow are making moves this spring.

    Whoever the starting five are will have to gel as soon as possible. In order for the offense to be successful, the offensive line has to be consistent no matter how good the skill players are this year.

Final Analysis

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    Jason Getz

    There will always be unanswered questions about depth and talent for any team during spring practice.

    Georgia has a ton of players coming back from last year, but due to a new defensive coordinator, injuries and players leaving, this is a different team from the team that lost to Nebraska in the Gator Bowl in January.

    The spring game won’t answer all the questions fans have about the team heading into the season. But it will give everyone a chance to see what each player needs to work on in order to be good to go in the fall.