Debate: Who Is Clippers' Ideal Playoff Matchup?

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Debate: Who Is Clippers' Ideal Playoff Matchup?
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With the playoffs approaching in 2 weeks, who is Clippers' ideal playoff matchup?


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Every single team the Clippers can possibly be paired with this post season can be handled in a 7 game series. OKC isn't better than the Spurs and if ...
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I get where you're coming from but with all honesty the two times the Warriors beat the Clippers they decided to play a different type of basketball. ...
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An ideal matchup doesn't have to be an easy opponent. It could be a team who has had their number over the past couple seasons. Spurs have dominated t...
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Spurs are the only team that scares me in a seven game series. We have a squad this year and two mistros in Doc and CP. Also two top 10 players in the...
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