WWE Raw Results: Biggest Winners and Losers After April 7

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterApril 8, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

The Europeans compiled the most victories on the April 7 WWE Raw.

Monday's show continued the tradition of big surprises in front of a fervent crowd on the Raw following WrestleMania. That included NXT's Paige finding herself on the same stage as the Divas champ, Cesaro trading up and Bad News Barrett getting win No. 1 of 2014.

Damien Sandow and The Usos didn't have nearly as successful a trip to the Smoothie King Center.

They served as victims, forced to the background, while other stars had their moments. Meanwhile, Paige, Cesaro and Barrett gained significant momentum on Monday's Raw. They all started off the post-WrestleMania season as winners.


Winner: Paige

Already carrying around the NXT Women's Championship, Paige added the Divas title to her collection.

AJ Lee survived a 14-Diva match at WrestleMania to remain champion. Not surprisingly, she wanted to spend the next night bragging to the audience. 

Paige came out to congratulate her, but instead found herself in a contentious moment where Lee slapped her and challenged her to a fight.

The match was only a few moments long, but it ended in exciting fashion. Paige escaped the Black Widow, hit the Paige Turner and came away with the surprise victory.

Her night included making her main roster debut, becoming the youngest Divas champ ever and inspiring the crowd to chant the name. She begins the next stage of her career with an overstock of momentum.


Loser: Damien Sandow

Someone had to fall in order to make Rob Van Dam's return a celebratory one.

That role went to Sandow, who has been on a slide since losing to John Cena last October. He hasn't had much in the way of rivalries or spotlight since. He's instead been asked to play a Zack Ryder-like victim part in WWE's drama.

Monday's Raw saw him put up a bit of a fight at first, but Van Dam soon took over.

WWE asked Sandow to roll over with little resistance, no momentum gained. The story afterward was about Van Dam being back not Sandow testing him. 

The more Sandow is portrayed this way, the more expendable he becomes.


Winner: Bad News Barrett

On a night where Alexander Rusev picked up his first singles victory on Raw, Van Dam returned and Paige made her debut, Barrett also made a surprise entry into the ring.

For months, WWE has asked Barrett to administer bad news from behind a podium rather than wrestle. He didn't enter the Royal Rumble or the Battle Royal at WrestleMania. On Monday's Raw, he finally stepped between the ropes once more.

He answered Rey Mysterio's offense with powerful counters and left the fan favorite flat on his back.

Barrett's first win of the year suggests WWE is going to have him crack his fists against flesh instead of just hitting a gavel against a podium. He'll apparently have to compete with Rusev, Van Dam and others for airtime, but he's at least entering battle again.


Loser: The Usos

When Randy Orton and Batista found out they were getting a shot at the tag team titles, they whined like children, essentially saying, "But we don't want that!"

That speaks loudly about where the tag championships are in terms of prestige. On Sunday, The Usos' title defense came on the WrestleMania pre-show. On Monday, their defense against two headliners was met with indignation.

That match ended quickly.

Orton and Batista dominated the high-flying brothers. They threw them out of the ring and enjoyed pounding on them so much that they didn't care the referee was counting them out. The Usos didn't push back much, mostly asked to suffer blows and let Orton and Batista enjoy the spotlight.

Their title reign won't be a memorable one if this kind of narrative continues.


Winner: Cesaro

Cesaro followed a wildly successful WrestleMania by being one of the stars of Monday's Raw.

Hulk Hogan awarded him a trophy for winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal on Sunday. That's when Cesaro let Zeb Colter know that he wouldn't be needing his services any longer. He was now a "Paul Heyman guy."

Heyman strode out and talked up "The King of Swing" like no one else in the business can.

Afterward, Jack Swagger and Cesaro collided. The two met in an impromptu match which Cesaro won by count-out.

A battle between Swagger and Colter against Heyman and Cesaro is now in motion. That midcard feud promises to propel Cesaro even further. That's doubly true for being paired with Heyman.

Last year, Cesaro missed out on WrestleMania. In 2014, he's showing signs of upward movement, receiving a trophy, victory, top manager and rival all in a single night.