Daily Mail Photoshops Tottenham Coach out of Adebayor, Sherwood Salute Picture?

Mark PattersonFeatured Columnist IVApril 4, 2017

Tottenham's Emmanuel Adebayor, left, salutes to manager Tim Sherwood, right, after he scores a goal during the English Premier League soccer match between Tottenham Hotspur and Sunderland at White Hart Lane stadium in London, Monday, April 7, 2014. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)
Kirsty Wigglesworth

Emmanuel Adebayor and Tim Sherwood saluting one another was a terrific image from Tottenham's 5-1 mauling of Sunderland in the Premier League on Monday night, but the Daily Mail appears to have Photoshopped Spurs coach Chris Ramsey, who was also pictured, out of their back-page shot.

The Daily Express and the Daily Mail have similar back pages, but as Express journalist Mick Dennis points out, there's one notable difference between the two:

Daily Mail gets rid of Chris Ramsey! pic.twitter.com/rInpo8avvr

— Mick Dennis (@MickDennisReal) April 8, 2014

Rumours that Sherwood will be removed at the end of the season for a new head coach were rife all day in the run-up to the game, with Sherwood himself saying, as per the Guardian, via Sky Sports News:

I can't say much right now. What I can say is tonight [Monday] is business as usual. I'm setting this team up to win a football match for the benefit of the club and the 35,000 Spurs fans who will come and watch. I'll speak at a later stage.

As such, the picture of Sherwood and Adebayor, whose form has returned during his tenure, was a resonant one.

But Ramsey? He's just getting in the way...