NFL Draft: Baltimore Ravens Take Joe Flacco In Round One

Phil SpainContributor IApril 28, 2008

The Baltimore Ravens came into the 2008 NFL Draft with many different needs.

With the retirement of Quarterback Steve McNair two weeks ago, the Ravens added a Quarterback to list of needs. The pending retirement of Left Tackle Johnathan Ogden also played into the Ravens needs this year.

The majority of the stories Saturday had the Ravens wanting to take Boston College Quarterback Matt Ryan. That was pending that Ryan would fall that far. That dream became nothing more than a dream when the Atlanta Falcons took Ryan with the number three pick. 

With their number one on their board taken by another team, the Ravens decided to trade down with Jacksonville to Number 26. That's when the Ravens set their sights on Delaware QB Joe Flacco. Flacco, who led the Blue Hens to the Division II championship game, threw from over 3300 yard, and 18 Touchdowns, while only throwing five interceptions.

When Flacco arrived in Baltimore on Sunday, he received a standing ovation from the press in the room. And when he spoke, they listened.

“I’m going to go out there and play football the way I know how to play football,” Flacco said when asked if he felt the pressure of his lofty expectations. “It’s up to everybody else to label me as something. If I pay attention to that, all it’s going to do is hurt my game. So, all I’m going to be doing is coming here, probably not hearing too much news."