Pics: Empire of the Sun, New Politics Rock Out at Bud Light Hotel Tourney Party

Ryan Klocke@@RyanKlockeBRFeatured ColumnistApril 7, 2014

Pics: Empire of the Sun, New Politics Rock Out at Bud Light Hotel Tourney Party

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    In an apparent effort to make every other tourney party look sad, Bud Light has taken over a Dallas hotel, stuffed it with 300-plus basketball fans, trucked in 16,000 bottles of beer and then let Empire of the Sun play a concert out back.

    If you were trying to catch some shut-eye in downtown Dallas last night, this is the reason why it didn't work. 

    As part of the festivities—which included a watch party for Saturday's game—Empire of the Sun and New Politics put on a show that "Bud Light Hotel" patrons won't soon forget. There was break dancing, Justin Timberlake covers and—well, just click through and look at what Empire of the Sun did. 

This Guy's Outfit > Your Outfit

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    Empire of the Sun lead singer Luke Steele isn't a jeans-and-hoodie kind of guy on stage, and his over-the-top get-up was part of a show that was just as much about the visuals as it was the music. 

Lights on Lights on Lights

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    Yeah, just a tad bright as Empire of the Sun preforms their hit "We Are The People."  

Moves for Days

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    While Empire of the Sun went big on the visuals, New Politics wowed the crowd with their dance moves. Credit to these guys for putting on a heck of a show. Aside from playing their hits like "Harlem" and "Tonight You're Perfect," these bros mixed in a Justin Timberlake cover ("My Love") that completely took the crowd by surprise. 

Front-Row Fans

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    No big-timing these fans. If you wanted to get up close to the stage, you could be mere feet away from the show. 

Thanking the Crowd

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    You could tell New Politics were happy to be performing, which was great to see. 

More Visuals

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    Empire of the Sun, continuing to wow with their get-ups. 

Let's Give the Drummer Some Props

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    New Politics drummer Louis Vecchio salutes the crowd. 

This Guy, Too

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    Yeah, Empire of the Sun don't mess around with hats.