Under the Knife: MLB Injury Analysis on Bryce Harper, Yasiel Puig and More

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Under the Knife: MLB Injury Analysis on Bryce Harper, Yasiel Puig and More
Associated Press
Matt Harvey spent his Opening Day watching, not pitching, due to injury.

We're barely a week into the season and big names like Ryan Braun, Bryce Harper and Mark Teixeira are spending more time in my column than on the field. Prospects like Jameson Taillon and young studs like Matt Moore have ended up here as well, proving once again that any young pitcher is risky.

But that's all we can do right now. We can list the injuries and discuss them. From out here, there's not much more that we can do besides manage risk and build depth. Teams, on the other hand, are left holding the wreckage of their seasons in some cases, burning more money on the DL. 

For the Lords of the Realm that run baseball, you'd think a billion-dollar loss would jolt them to action. Instead, calls I made around baseball indicate that there are a couple of small-scale studies underway right now, perhaps a few on the order of the $50,000 studies that baseball has put together in the past.

There's no Manhattan Project to reduce injuries. There's no panicked response to a rash of Tommy John surgeries. There's not even really any spin, like the NFL tried when it faced an increased incidence of ACL injuries. 

Instead, there's business as usual. MLB, and worse, the players, simply move along, either ignoring the problem or being defeatist. "Some pitchers break down," I hear, or "there's always been injuries." Sure, this is true, but reduction isn't defeatist and it's certainly not impossible. There are teams out there taking advantage of it to some extent.

If you think the investment the Milwaukee Brewers have made in biomechanics isn't paying off, I'd ask you to name the last player they had undergo Tommy John surgery. (Go ahead, first one to do it in comments gets my respect.) How about the Tampa Bay Rays? 

There's answers and advantages out there. Then again, if baseball just likes reading my columns, I'm happy to oblige. My injury database isn't full, and the Urika isn't tired. Powered by the start of another epic Springsteen tour, on to the injuries.

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