What WWE Superstar Are You Like?

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IJune 18, 2009

Hey guys. What's up? It's Svyato back with another quiz. This time you can find out which WWE Superstar you can relate to.

So be ready because you might think your one guy and you might get another.

Again I ask you people to answer truthfully so you can really know instead of just answering what you know will get you Randy Orton for example. Anyway here we go!

Q1: After you win what do you do?

1) Tell everyone how they were wrong!

2) Go ballistic like an Animal.

3) Tell everyone how much better you are than them.

4) Address the audience in a scary voice.

5) Celebrate with fireworks!

6) Just celebrate.


Q2: What's your favourite type of match?

1) TLC Match

2) Steel Cage Match

3) No Holds Barred Match

4) Any match

5) Ladder Match

6) Hell In A Cell

Q3: What do you want people to think about you?

1) I want them to think that I'm God!

2) I want them to fear me!

3) I don't care what they think about me all they should know is they're hypocrites and parasites!

4) I want them to know I'm a success.

5) I want them to know I'm an enigma, but more importantly that I love them!

6) I want them to know I'm the king of kings!


Q4: Whom do you hate the most right now?

1) Anyone that's wrong!

2) Legacy.

3) Teddy Long.

4) Anybody that was in Evolution.

5) CM Punk

6) Randy Orton


Q5: What belt(s) is your favourite?

1) World Heavyweight Championship.

2) I don't really have a favourite.

3) World title, WWE title, all of them!

4) WWE Championship.

5) World and WWE title.

6) Screw the titles; I just want to destroy Randy Orton!


If you picked...

1 the most than you're Edge!

2 the most than you're Batista!

3 the most than you're Chris Jericho!

4 the most than you're Randy Orton!

5 the most than you're Jeff Hardy!

6 the most than you're Triple H!

Hope you had fun! Can't wait to hear the results!