The Real Horror Side Of Football: Missing That Open Goal!

Andrew McNairSenior Writer IApril 28, 2008

Football may be to those that love it, 'the beautiful game', but it sure can throw you some curve balls.

People will always mention football hooligans, diving and the abuse of referee's as the great evil's of the true world game.

I though would beg to differ!

You see, as a player you don't pay attention to hooligans, you stick the boot into divers and we've all given the ref some stick.

But what do you do when you miss that open goal?

To stand there, head in hands, wishing for the ground to swallow you, must be the worse feeling in football.

The real horror show!

That moment when you can't blame the bounce or the cross or anyone else for that matter!

You're on your own on that field, but boy you've got a lot of people around you. Team mates, fans and opposition players as shocked as you are, half thinking, thank god that wasn't me!

The same could apply to own goals (ask John Arne Riise), short back passes (a Dundee United specialty) and keepers dropping them in (ask David 'Calamity' James).

The open goal will however always have that mystery around it and why won't the ground just open up?!?