Ranking Triple H's Most Important Matches Following WrestleMania 30 Defeat

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistApril 7, 2014

LAS VEGAS - SEPTEMBER 19:  WWE wrestler Triple H poses in the ring after Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated Juan Manuel Marquez in a unanimous decision at the MGM Grand Garden Arena September 19, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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Daniel Bryan's gain was Triple H's loss at WrestleMania 30. The Internet's favorite wrestler not only defeated The Game in the opening match of the biggest show of the year but rubbed salt in the wound by walking out of New Orleans with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. 

It was a moment of jubilation for professional wrestling fans around the world, not to mention just being the right thing to do based on the direction of the story over the last few months, but it also leaves open tremendous possibilities for the future. 

How fitting it was that Bryan's moment of triumph happened on the same night as the Game of Thrones premiere. That's a show where moments of joy are fleeting, to be destroyed by the harsh realities of power-obsessed families across seven kingdoms. 

WWE doesn't have seven kingdoms, but it does have one angry McMahon family led, of course, by Triple H. He does deserve credit for actually doing the job to Bryan, though in typical fashion, the King of Kings got the last laugh by destroying the "Yes!" man with chair shots. 

So as the company plans its next phase of storylines coming out of WrestleMania, Triple H can go in any number of directions. We are here to rank the top matches for the future Hall of Famer and take a deeper dive into his most important match. 

Triple H Feuds Coming out of WrestleMania 30
Feud RankOpponent
No. 3Randy Orton
No. 2Batista
No. 1Daniel Bryan
Bleacher Report

Before delving into the top feud, allow me to explain the second and third options on the list. Randy Orton would fit because there was that moment back in December—Orton and John Cena were unifying the championships—when Triple H pedigreed Orton after he inadvertently ran into Stephanie McMahon. 

It's a borderline feud, at best, but there could be something for WWE to play off if the creative team even remembers that was a thing that happened five months ago. 

Triple H could turn his attention away from Bryan until after Extreme Rules by going after Batista, whom The Game brought back to the company as part of a storyline to prevent a wrestler like Bryan from winning the WWE title. 

However, instead of fulfilling his duty after winning the Royal Rumble, Batista was the one who tapped out to Bryan's "Yes!" Lock in the WrestleMania main event. 


Why Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan makes sense

Let's be real, the only thing that makes sense for Triple H—and Daniel Bryan, for that matter—is one more epic encounter at Extreme Rules. 

WWE planted seeds for this match at the next pay-per-view by having Triple H attack Bryan with a chair after their match at WrestleMania. It's the easiest story in the world to tell, and one that will immediately draw fans in. 

Triple H did everything in his power to prevent Bryan from winning the title in the main event, including using a crooked referee and attempting to use the sledgehammer, but it wasn't enough for Orton or Batista to walk out of the Superdome as champion. 

The story becomes Triple H needing to take care of business himself since you can't rely on anyone else to do the job right. Bryan can continue to play the conquering hero, especially now that he has a victory over The Game and his proteges in the main event of wrestling's biggest show. 

Hopefully WWE learns from past mistakes with talented stars like CM Punk (during his first title run) and Rey Mysterio and doesn't allow Bryan to look like a geek now that he has made it to the top of the mountain. 

With Triple H involved, even as a part-time wrestler, you never know what direction a storyline is going to take.


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