2015 College Football Recruits Who Play Downright Nasty

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IApril 7, 2014

2015 College Football Recruits Who Play Downright Nasty

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    Football is a physical sport, so it takes a lot of toughness to play it. Some players get the job done with skill and finesse. Others excel by being physical, or just downright nasty.

    Playing nasty and with a mean streak is always admired, no matter what position a player lines up at. Yet, the positions inside the box require players to play nasty the most.

    While the 2015 class has many recruits who can get mean on the field, this list is just going to be a quick rundown of several prospects who appear to fit the mold. A few offensive linemen will be spotlighted, plus a trio of 5-star defensive tackles.

Canton Kaumatule, DL

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    Hailing from Hawaii, Canton Kaumatule is a 4-star defensive lineman who is an intimidating presence. Yet, he doesn't just look the part.

    Kaumatule has a huge motor to go along with his 6'6.5", 275-pound frame. He never backs down from anyone, and he plays to his size at the point of attack. Whether it be as a defensive end or defensive tackle, Kaumatule is always pushing somebody around on the field.

    Stanford is a key school to watch, according to 247Sports

Jahvoni Simmons, LB

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    Jahvoni Simmons is a 4-star linebacker who hits like he despises ball-carriers. At 6'1" and 225 pounds, the Virginia native is always looking to mix it up after the ball is snapped.

    Simmons strikes blockers well, then he delivers hard blows to ball-carriers with a lot of force. He's a tough linebacker with good instincts who plays like he has no fears.

    Virginia and Clemson are among his top schools, per 247Sports.

Richie Petitbon, OG

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    Committed to Alabama, 4-star offensive lineman Richie Petitbon is a great fit for the Crimson Tide's run-first offense.

    The Washington, D.C. native is already 6'4" and 301 pounds, plus he is strong on his feet. Petitbon excels as a nasty run-blocker who loves to work through the whistle. He takes pride in taking his opponent completely out of a play and drives to finish blocks.

Tim Settle, DT

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    At 6'3" and 318 pounds, 5-star defensive tackle Tim Settle definitely belongs on a list such as this one. He's a physical presence inside the trenches who overpowers people at the point of attack.

    Settle has excellent strength, and he also has a powerful anchor to call on when defending the run. The Virginia native makes sure offensive linemen know immediately that they're in for one long and physical night with him.

    Alabama, Virginia and Ohio State are his main suitors, says 247Sports.

Steven Gonzalez, OL

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    Hailing from New Jersey, Steven Gonzalez is one of the nastiest run-blocking offensive linemen in the country. He can play tackle but fits best at guard.

    At 6'3" and 300 pounds, Gonzalez has a quick first step at the snap. That allows him to quickly get his hands on his opponent, and the Penn State commit has a strong grab. Gonzalez then controls his opponent with strength, and the more he drives his feet, the nastier and meaner he gets.

Daron Payne, DT

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    There's nothing soft at all about 5-star defensive tackle Daron Payne. The Alabama native is a big-bodied defender who has terrific strength and power.

    Payne is at his best when striking offensive linemen with his strong and heavy hands and holding his block until he reads the play. He sheds with authority, and he hits ball-carriers with violent force.

    Alabama, Auburn and Texas are key schools, according to 247Sports.

    Jason Howell of Rivals.com (subscription required) wrote March 16, "He makes it look effortless in the trenches."

Josh Wariboko, OG

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    Josh Wariboko may not be as big as several other standouts on this list at 6'3.5" and 280 pounds, but he's still awfully nasty.

    The 4-star guard from Oklahoma City can shock defenders at the point of attack with his strength. He has a quick and hard punch, and he works hard to extend his arms and run his feet to drive his opponent out of a hole. More times than not, Wariboko finishes plays by putting his opponent in the dirt.

    He's committed to Oklahoma. 

Leo Lewis, LB

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    If you're looking for a heat-seeking missile at the linebacker position, 4-star stud Leo Lewis is your man. The Mississippi native is a classic hunter on the second level who is feisty and physical.

    At 6'3" and 225 pounds, Lewis can also play defensive end in a pinch. He'll fight an offensive lineman at the point of attack, and he plays like a shark who senses blood in the water when he locates a ball-carrier.

    The big-hitting defender likes both of his in-state schools, plus the Iron Bowl schools, says 247Sports.

Maea Teuhema, OL

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    A 5-star offensive lineman, Maea Teuhema is a deceptively athletic blocker who can dance with defensive linemen in space.

    However, the 6'4.5", 346-pounder can easily get nasty in the trenches. Teuhema has impressive strength to steer his targets away from the line of scrimmage. He punches with tenacity, and he buries people when his legs get churning.

    He's committed to LSU.

Daylon Mack, DT

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    Although he's yet to begin his senior year of high school, 5-star defensive tackle Daylon Mack could hold his own at the collegiate level right now.

    The 6'2", 310-pounder has great explosiveness at the snap, and he plays huge at the point of attack. Mack loves to strike blockers in the chest quickly, which gives him enough room to slip by and hit anything else that moves.

    He gets meaner as the game goes on, which doesn't bode well for a lot of offensive linemen. Mack is committed to Texas A&M.

Jalin Barnett, OG

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    At 6'4" and 315 pounds, 5-star guard prospect Jalin Barnett has the size to intimidate people once he breaks the huddle. Yet, he seems to take pride in letting defensive linemen and linebackers know he's not only big, but awfully strong.

    The Oklahoma native is a bully on the field. He pushes people around with his powerful punch and seems to seek contact at all times. Watch the play at 1:53 on the above highlight reel.

    Alabama and Oklahoma are his top schools, according to 247Sports.

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