Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy Excited to Head Down a Winning Path

Michael SchotteyNFL National Lead WriterApril 6, 2014

Howard Smith/USA Today

LeSean McCoy loved former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid, but he realized that it was time for Chip Kelly to take the reins. 

In 2013, the Eagles brought Kelly in from his post at Oregon to turn around a moribund Eagles team that had stagnated under Reid. Although, historically speaking, Reid is one of the best coaches in Eagles' history and (in fact) NFL history overall, the team had gone two straight years at .500 or less. 

"It was about getting that 'winners attitude' back," McCoy told Bleacher Report. "For so long, we were losing. Coach Reid’s a great coach, but once we started going down that path…(long pause)...Coach Kelly brought us back." 

McCoy also noted, however, that the two coaches are remarkably similar in the way they approach the game. It was just a new voice—Kelly's voice—that was needed. 

Used with Permission
Used with PermissionActivision Publishing and Rich Polk—Getty Images

McCoy gave Bleacher Report some of his time while celebrating the release of the Call of Duty: Ghosts "Devastation" map pack.

He and Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green took part in a grudge match at the Microsoft House in Venice, Calif., with plenty of pride on the line.

(I've previously covered Green's love of the multiplayer game.)

Although he admits fellow Eagles receiver Jeremy Maclin is a formidable opponent, McCoy definitely believes he's one of the best Call of Duty players in his circle of friends and teammates. During the Devastation grudge match, McCoy took four games to Green's one. 

Looks like McCoy really does like winning. 

Like the many other NFL athletes who love playing first-person shooters along with plenty of other video games, it's more than just a hobby. It's both a team-building and team-relaxation exercise. 

"Anytime you get a chance to come together as a team and bond—small things, team dinners, going to the mall together—there’s nothing you won’t do for another guy on the team."

McCoy's electric new teammate
McCoy's electric new teammateElaine Thompson

Of all those teammates, McCoy is perhaps most excited to be playing alongside running back Darren Sproles who Philadelphia acquired from the New Orleans Saints for a fifth-round pick. 

Talking about the deal, Bleacher Report's NFC East lead writer Brad Gagnon wrote:

Since 2011, Sproles has more catches, yards and receiving touchdowns than any other back in football by wide margins. In fact, only 14 wide receivers have more grabs than he does during that stretch. And only 27 receivers have more touchdowns despite the fact he's only a part-time player. 

Later adding:

And don't think the Eagles won't use plenty of two-back looks with McCoy in a standard spot and Sproles lining up somewhere to give defenses fits. 

It's early in the pairing, but McCoy confirmed that game plan to me, saying that playing on the field at the same time as Sproles was "one of the first things we talked about."

McCoy also called Sproles, "the kind of player [other teams] have to watch out for" and noted how Kelly has a long history of getting a ton out of players like that dating back to his time with the Ducks. It's a pairing that McCoy can't wait to show to the league at large, believing that his production will be the "same...if not better" from last season to next. 

Once also-rans in the division, the Eagles are back on top and hope to stay there under the watchful eye of Coach Kelly, with McCoy and Sproles sharing time in the backfield. It's a new path, but it should be a winning one. 


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