Indiana Pacers Set Record for Worst Half in Team History, Bench Roy Hibbert

Daniel O'BrienFeatured ColumnistApril 6, 2014

USA Today

Just when we thought the Indiana Pacers' season couldn't hit a lower note, they laid an ostrich egg during the first half against the Atlanta Hawks on Sunday, April 6.

They shot 7-of-35 en route to a 55-23 deficit at halftime.

For the Hawks, the half was a record-breaker in a good way:

Not one player on the Pacers had more than a single field goal, and Paul George led the squad in scoring with six points.

As a unit, Indy wasn't clicking at all. It mustered just one assist in the opening 24 minutes and put up a goose egg (0-of-7) from three-point range. No wonder it scored fewer points in one half than it averages per quarter.

The big man in the middle, Roy Hibbert, came up small on both ends of the court.

Frank Vogel didn't think much of the performance either. The All-Star center was benched to begin the second half, and we can't really blame Vogel, considering Hibbert's putrid first half. 

Hibbert remained on the bench throughout the entirety of the second half.

After the game, Vogel wasn't ready to speculate on when Hibbert's benching would conclude, nor was he ready to sugarcoat things for his team.

Indiana has struggled mightily since the All-Star break, posting a .500 record leading up to Sunday's tilt against Atlanta. It's sputtering in a lot of areas at the wrong time of year, with the playoffs just days away.

For much of the year, Indiana looked like the team to beat in the East and a legitimate NBA title contender. These days, the Pacers are not a cohesive unit, and they're floundering against mediocre Eastern Conference opponents.

Can they find their offense before the postseason arrives?

If they don't, they can kiss any type of playoff run goodbye.


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