MLB: My Code Of Life

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IIJune 18, 2009

Today, I finished all my finals.  I am now finished with school and I'm so happy. 

Although it was the last day of school, it wasn't the easiest day.  This whole week I had finals, they were mostly easy but just the word finals gets you a little nervous. 

I am pretty confident that I passed all of them. But anyway, today I had my science final.  There was one question that stood out to me. It said something like, "Which one of these are the Code of Life."  I had no clue, but I eventually used common sense and chose choice "C", which was DNA. 

The funny thing was that choice "A" was MLB and choice "D" was NBA.  If you were wondering if choice "B" was NFL or NHL, it wasn't.  I was joking around to my self that the answer was choice "A."  It was to me, though I did not  put that down for the sake of my grades.  It got me thinking though.

MLB really is my code of life.".  My whole life revolves around Major League Baseball. I always go to places where I can make sure that I am able to watch the Mets play or any other good game that might be on. 

The MLB is such a big part of my life; if it didn't exist I would probably be a totally different person.  Because of the MLB, I have some friends that I probably wouldn't have had. The only thing that we have in common is that we like the Mets, or they might be a rare cool Yankee fan.

Whenever I have nothing to talk about, I just start talking about the Mets or one of the big stories in baseball.  It's like a little switch gets turned on in my head; if I'm in an awkward situation, then I would most likely turn that switch on and talk about baseball until I could think of something else. 

Sometimes I wouldn't even have to think of something else; I would just talk about baseball until the end of the period or wherever I am.

Now that I am thinking of it, baseball really has made me who I am.  That's not a bad thing because I'm sure their are plenty of people who can relate to this with, either the MLB or another sport.

If baseball wasn't around, then my room would most likely be different. All you see is blue and orange.  Pretty much every time I get bored I go onto,, or any other site having to do with baseball. 

The sport is just so great.  One swing can change the whole game.  In baseball, "It's not over til' it's over."  The other team always has a legit chance to come back, unless they are really taking a beating.  That's why the game is so great.

The MLB has been changing ever since it was started.  There has been many different eras; some bad, some good.  There has also been many different teams and a whole lot of players. 

The MLB is currently in a tough time, but it is still the "code of life" for a whole lot of people on Bleacher Report and out of it. The MLB will always be my "code of life" and there's nothing I can do about it. I'm hooked and I've been hooked since 2006.  There will be good times and bad times, but I will always love the MLB, my "code of life." 

What's this so-called DNA?