Unofficial Chicago Cubs Mascot Punches Guy in Bar After Having His Head Removed

Jake Silver@@jakeofsilverSocial Media StaffApril 6, 2014

via YouTube

There's one cardinal rule of mascot etiquette: Do not remove the mascot's head.

"Billy Cub," the longtime unofficial mascot of the Chicago Cubs, amps up Cubs fans on his own time, but this day, things took a turn for the nasty.

Update: Saturday, July 19, 2:54 p.m. ET

The Chicago Cubs have reportedly filed a lawsuit against a group of men who have been dressing up as "Billy Cub" after the above video went viral.

From the Chicago Sun Times (h/t The Big Lead):

The Cubs filed the suit in U.S. District Court Friday against John Paul Weier, Patrick Weier and three unnamed individuals who they claim have dressed as a “Billy Cub” character in the Wrigleyville area and presented the character as a representative of the team, without the team’s permission.

The suit also claims that the men made "rude, profane and derogatory remarks and gesticulations to patrons, ticket holders, fans or other individuals located in the area of Wrigley Field."

---End of update---

Here's the description from the video: 

Guy takes off Mascot's head, Mascot punches him in the face.
This guy was out with a bachelor party. He tried to trip the mascot three times and then threw himself into the mascot in an attempt to start a fight. The mascot ignored all of this until he got his head pulled off. After the guy was punched in the face and his friend was thrown to the ground, the guy knocked the mascots tip jar out of his hands. I just happened to be there with my camera.

[YouTube, h/t Busted Coverage via Chicago Tribune]