Report: Hulk Hogan Set for 'Legends' House' Season 2

Sharon GlencrossContributor IApril 5, 2014


Following Hulk Hogan’s return to WWE last month, speculation has been buzzing about just how the company intends to use the legend going forward.

Interestingly, one recent report indicates that WWE is planning to place “The Hulkster” in the planned second season of WWE Network's reality show, Legends’ House.

As Bryan Alvarez notes in this week’s (subscribers-only) F4W Newsletter:

If a second season of Legends' House does happen this summer, former hit reality show star Hulk Hogan is, amazingly enough, likely to be a cast member. That makes me sad for some reason, even though I'm completely aware it shouldn't.

Well, this does make sense.

As mentioned, Hogan does have experience in this area: His VH1 reality show Hogan Knows Best was actually a big hit for a while, as crazy as it sounds now. Hogan certainly knows how to play up to the cameras and create as much drama and viewer interest as possible.

Hogan and John Cena do some WrestleMania XXX PR.
Hogan and John Cena do some WrestleMania XXX PR.Credit:

And he is a mainstream name, meaning the show could pick up viewers outside of the hardcore fanbase.

Besides, there’s only so much WWE can do with the '80s legend. He can’t wrestle or even take bumps due to his well-documented back issues. As seen in TNA, his nostalgia act tends to wear off if he’s a regular wrestling character for too long.

Placing him in Legends' House is the best opportunity for WWE to capitalize on Hogan’s name and star power.

Now, if they can just convince Ric Flair to be in the second season, too, this will officially be the most must-see wrestling television show ever.

Of course, this all surely depends on how the first series of Legends’ House—filmed in early 2012 and due to debut later this week—does with audiences.

Will it be the big hit WWE is surely hoping it will be? Or will it end up sinking without a trace? What do you think? Are you keen to see it?