Wanted: Ryan Leaf. Caught: Ryan Leaf

Sam SnyderCorrespondent IJune 18, 2009

25 Oct 1998:  Quarterback Ryan Leaf #16 of the San Diego Chargers talks to head coach June Jones during the game against the Seattle Seahawks at the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California. The Seahawks defeated the Chargers 27-20. Mandatory Credit: Todd Warshaw  /Allsport

TEXAS(AP)- Just when we thought we had enough of NFL breakdowns, arrests, and dramas, we got some more. You all remember Ryan Leaf, the biggest NFL Draft failure in NFL history. Most well known for his post game breakdown where he almost assaulted a reporter.

An arrest warrant was given out for Leaf on charges of burglary and drug possession. The drugs were ileagally obtained Percosets, a powerful opium based perscription painkiller.

Not long after a statement was issued by his lawyer, Leaf was found. He was found by US Customs officers who caught him along the Canada-USA border.

After his arrest, the total charges issued were one count of burglary of habitation, seven counts of obtaining controlled substance by fraud, and one count of delivery of a simulated controlled substance.

It is still unclear the punishment that will be dolled out for his crimes, the bail amount, and the court dates. But analysts speculate he could face 10 or more years, in jail, multiple years of probation, and hefty fines up to $250,000.