Boat Race 2014: Oxford vs. Cambridge Start Time, TV and Live Stream Info

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Boat Race 2014: Oxford vs. Cambridge Start Time, TV and Live Stream Info
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The 160th edition of the Boat Race takes place this Sunday as Oxford and Cambridge once again ready their oars for one of the most hotly contested university traditions in the world.

One-hundred-and-eighty-five years after the first race was held, these two boat clubs will once again take to the River Thames in the hopes of deciding upon who takes bragging rights for the next 12 months.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

As things stands, Cambridge hold a slight advantage over their bitter rivals in total Boat Race victories, having claimed 81 wins while Oxford, the reigning champions, have only 77.

Not since 2009 has either of these two teams claimed back-to-back triumphs, giving Oxford some extra incentive to break ranks and close the gap further on their foes.

Read on for a full preview of the event, as well as all the viewing information.

Date: Sunday, April 6

Time: 5:55 p.m. BST/12:55 p.m. ET

Stream: BBC Sport website

TV Info: BBC One (UK), BBC World News (Worldwide)

Race Info

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

The Boat Race course, otherwise known as the Championship Course, is a four-mile stretch of water located in South West London, beginning in Putney and winding its way to Mortlake, where the race reaches its finish-line climax.

Sky News' Sally Hitchiner provides some trivia regarding the Putney Bridge section of the race:

Prior to the race, an umpire will hold a coin toss between the presidents of Oxford and Cambridge's crews in order to decide which side (or "station") the respective teams will race on.

The Middlesex side of the Thames gives some advantage on the first and final bends of the course, while a long, middle section gives some help to that team staged on the Surrey side. These are small margins, however, as in the last 20 races, 11 winners have come from the Surrey side.

Infostrada Sports give some statistical background to this Sunday's collision:

The Hammersmith Bridge is just under halfway round the course and most teams that have gained a lead at this stage have gone on to win the race outright.

Descending into Chiswick, it's here that the race really heats up. In the last five races, the winning teams have all taken between 17 and 18 minutes to complete their run, giving some idea of just how long this year's head-to-head will last.

Teams (via BBC Sport)


Storm Uru (bow seat, NZ), Tom Watson (two seat, Can), Karl Hudspith (three seat, GB), Tom Swartz (four seat, US), Malcolm Howard (five seat, GB), Michael Di Santo (six seat, US), Sam O'Connor (seven seat, NZ), Constantine Louloudis (stroke seat, GB), Laurence Harvey (cox, GB)


Mike Thorp (bow seat, GB), Luke Juckett (two seat, US), Ivo Dawkins (three seat, GB), Steve Dudek (four seat, US), Helge Gruetjen (five seat, Ger), Matthew Jackson (six seat, US), Joshua Hooper (seven seat, Aus), Henry Hoffstot (stroke seat, US), Ian Middleton (cox, GB)

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