For the Win: The Coolest Stuff in Sports for the Week

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 4, 2014

For the Win: The Coolest Stuff in Sports for the Week

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    Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

    Ronda Rousey scared a Turtle, the Red Sox need new outfits to go with all their new jewelry and Derek Jeter is still one heck of a human being. 

    Yes, we might say this was a very good week. 

    Welcome to our best attempt to cull the great expanse known as the Internet for all the more remarkable things to happen in the sports world this week. 

    What we have for you is a veritable cavalcade of cool, featuring a Lego time-lapse video along with many other truly awesome stories. 

    Before we head into the weekend, let's appreciate a truly special week of sports. 

Giannis Antetokounmpo Is Some Kind of Super Being

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    How long is an official NBA court. 

    No, don't Google it, because we have the answer right here in a Vine video spotted by CBS Sports. The correct answer, according to the long legs of Giannis Antetokounmpo is three dribbles. 

    The Milwaukee Bucks' resident Mister Fantastic should have on his business card, "By the time I dribble three times, I will have scored."

Derek Jeter: Class Act

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    The Derek Jeter Farewell Tour seems to be going well.

    The Yankees shortstop received some awesome gifts from the Astros, but it was his own present that caught our attention. 

    During Thursday's game, Jeter went to give a baseball to an adorable girl rocking Yankees gear. Just to make sure no other fan would steal it, he hand delivered the awesome memento. 

    We are going to miss you, Jeter. 

Cosmic Failure

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    It's not wise to knowingly challenge Takeru Kobayashi. However, getting tricked into that kind of contest remains very much hilarious. 

    North American Soccer League side the New York Cosmos stopped by a Buffalo Wild Wings, granting a moment to prank Peri Marosevic who accepts the food challenge. 

    Yeah, he didn't win. 

Bartolo Colon Bats; World Loses Mind

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    Every last MLB fan waited patiently through the spring for all 5'11" and 283 pounds (via the video) of awesome to squeeze its way into the batter's box. 

    Yes, this week Bartolo Colon waddled over to the plate and took a nice little hack. In the end, he broke his bat, grounded out and jogged straight into our hearts. 

    A new meme was born: Bartolo at the bat, and you can see some of the funniest tweets over at SportsGrid.

    Although, the best, in our estimation, was this meme crafted by Twitter user animalman. (h/t Guyism)

Softball Pitcher Uses Tommy John Plight to Go Lefty

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    Not pictured: Central Cass
    Not pictured: Central CassAl Bello/Getty Images

    Though we never met, we are sure Tommy John is a swell guy. However, an injury mandating the surgery that bears his name is a real son of a gun. 

    Needing Tommy John surgery requires players to lay off activity and rehabilitate for a year or longer. Well, one high school softball player found a loophole: She decided to switch from being right-handed pitcher to a southpaw hurler. 

    Go ahead and forward this report from Fargo-Moorhead Forum's Tom Mix to Kris Medlen and Patrick Corbin, because they might find it useful. 

    In it, they will read about the amazing Sierra Amundson, a junior right-hander who had to have Tommy John surgery. Instead of missing the entire season, she decided to give left-handed pitching a shot. 

    According to her coach, she will be getting some innings this year as just that, including some tosses with her classic style. 

    High School softball: Where amazing happens. 

Your 2014 Boston Red Sox, Now with More Bling

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    Michael Dwyer

    On Friday, the Boston Red Sox players who helped win the city another World Series received their well-earned jewelry. 

    Thanks to a tweet from the Red Sox feed, we get a glimpse at what ultimate MLB success looks like. 

    It's pretty much gorgeous. 

Ronda Rousey Goes HAM on Turtle's Car

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    MMA Mania spotted a video of the new Entourage movie for those who just can't wait. Fortunately, this little slice of entertainment also features MMA star Ronda Rousey completely annihilating Turtles car. 

    There you go. That's all you need to remember to never get Rousey mad, because you won't like her when she's mad. 


Lego Fenway Park

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    If the box office success of The Lego Movie as well as your affection for MLB's defending champion Red Sox are any guide, we have to think you will like this. 

    It's just a time-lapse video of a Lego Fenway Park getting made. That feeling is equal parts joy and nostalgia, which may or may not be addictive. 

    Incidentally, Lego Green Monster doesn't sound so scary. 

    (h/t Next Impulse Sports)

Paul George Is Some Kind of Wonderful

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    As Bleacher Report's Tristan Thornburgh spotted thanks to a tweet from Ben Golliver, we are witness to yet another example of Paul George's magnificence. 

    The crazy part is George was duped by a shot-clock that never reset. Well, the joke's on that dumb shot clock, because George hit the three anyway.