Phoenix Coyotes Destined for New Location? (Humor)

Sheldon MohammedContributor IJune 18, 2009

Well, it looks like the Phoenix Coyotes' days are numbered. 

In a bid to make the Coyotes a more prosperous franchise, Gary Bettman has decided to move the franchise to Antarctica. The new franchise will be named United States Research Bay Polar Bears.

There are plans to build a new 300 seat arena on Adélie Land called Arena.

There is already a television deal with Local Channel IBA.

"The Polar Bears will make more money than they would if they were still in Phoenix; we're expecting 70 to 80 fans per game, which is more that the amount in Phoenix. We already have 37 season ticket holders. The Polar Bears will be here for a long time!" said Commissioner Gary Bettman in a statement released on Thursday morning.

This just goes to show that Bettman would rather put a team in Antarctica before he puts one in Canada.