Breaking Down Florida's Jalen Tabor's Highlight Tape

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IApril 4, 2014

Breaking Down Florida's Jalen Tabor's Highlight Tape

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    Jalen Tabor is a talented 5-star cornerback from Washington, D.C. who signed with Florida in February. At 6'1" and 182 pounds, Tabor has excellent size and length for the cornerback position.

    Tabor is not just a tall cover man, he also has terrific instincts and athleticism on the perimeter. He can play press coverage well, plus he is an asset in zone coverage.

    The Gators are getting an impact player in Tabor, who shows great potential throughout his solid highlight tape.

Play No. 1

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    Forget about the typical cornerback coverage traits on this play. Tabor starts off his highlight tape with a great tackle.

    He eludes a weak stalk-block on the perimeter from the receiver, as he uses his vision and awareness to see the inside slot receiver lurking out on a bubble route. Tabor squeezes to the ball, but watch him settle down in space.

    This is something many young defenders do not do, as they would either lunge at the ball-carrier or duck their head and overrun him from being too out of control. Tabor does a great job of chopping his feet to stay balanced, then he makes the stop with solid technique.

Play No. 2

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    It would have been nice for Tabor to have gotten a better and sharper offhand jam on the receiver at the line. However, look at how quick his hips are when he carries his man inside. 

    His anticipation skills help him feel the receiver is settling when coming across the field, and Tabor settles with him. He fights through the receiver's attempt to shield to cause an incompletion.

Play No. 3

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    From the looks of this play, it appears Tabor was sitting off his man with cushion.

    However, this play allows the future Gator's closing quickness on the ball to be seen. The receiver runs a slant, which Tabor's alignment is giving up.

    However, he drives hard on the route inside at a solid angle to close in a hurry.

Play No. 4

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    Instincts, awareness and anticipation are shown on this remarkable play by Tabor. Tabor doesn't allow the outside receiver to even touch him, as he immediately attacks the quick-screen play to the slot receiver.

    He approaches the ball-carrier looking for a fight, and Tabor puts a big hit on him to stop the play cold at the line of scrimmage.

Play No. 5

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    This play is almost an exact copy of Play No. 4.

    It's essentially another illustration of Tabor's fantastic vision, instincts and awareness on the field. He's aligned over the outside receiver on the perimeter but appears to have his peripheral vision on the inside receiver.

    When he sees the inside guy run a bubble route for a quick screen, Tabor doesn't waste time coming out of transition and meets the ball at the line of scrimmage.

Play No. 6

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    On this play, Tabor gives the receiver and quarterback a press-man look before the snap.

    Yet, he bails and side-saddles out at the snap to carry his man up the perimeter while simultaneously keeping his eyes on the quarterback.

    Tabor could have done a better job of pinning and stacking his man at the line to the sideline, but he shows above-average speed on this play. He gets his hands on the ball but doesn't come down with the interception.

Play No. 7

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    Not much can be seen by Tabor at the line of scrimmage on this play due to the camera angle.

    However, he simply carries his man downfield and exhibits impressive ball skills on this play.

    He immediately recognizes the throw for a potential pick and turns into a receiver when the ball is in flight. Yet, Tabor turns his head and loses sight of the ball for a split second. He recovers well to haul the interception in, showing good concentration.

    Bob Redman of wrote on Jan. 9, "Tabor will get the chance to compete right away and his physical stature makes him a prime candidate to maybe start opposite Vernon Hargreaves in the secondary."

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