Rob Ford Now Features in Silly Olympic Voting Controversy, Blames 'Stretching'

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterApril 3, 2014

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According to a recent report, embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford may or may not think honoring Olympic and Paralympic athletes is a good idea. 

The Associated Press (h/t The New York Post) reports that two votes seemed to get away from Ford on Wednesday. One was on the possibility of honoring recently deceased Nelson Mandela by naming a street after the late leader. Another called a vote to honor recent athletes who competed in the 2014 Olympics and Paralympics. 

Ford voted "no" on both. 

We are just glad there wasn't anything on the docket about giving puppies to sick children or mandating that sons call their mothers more often, because Ford may have wagged his finger like Dikembe Mutombo and voted against those as well. 

The reason he voted the way he did is what really should get those heads shaking anew, as per the report:

"'We all make errors,' said Ford, who claimed he was stretching a sore back and voted quickly. 'I guess I pushed the wrong button. Of course I support Nelson Mandela.'"

Stretching: the leading cause of all unintentional legislation since 2014. 

The report reminds that Ford has had a rather bizarre and tumultuous tenure, most notably his admitting to the use of crack last year. 

His cameos in the sports world have been, well, noteworthy. 

Back in December, he decided to toss his two pennies in on the ongoing Washington Redskins name debate, telling reporters, "What are we going to call the Cleveland Indians? The Cleveland Aboriginals? Where do we start? The Skins are the Skins and I stick with the Washington Redskins."

Then in February, Ford sent small tremors throughout the city when he leaped in jubilation thanks to a goal from the Canadian Women's Hockey Team. 

Here is the image thanks to Deadspin

GIF Credit: Deadspin

Not content to merely jump with joy, Ford would later get far too close and personal with a fire hydrant when the men's team won: 

So we know from these images that Ford rather enjoys his Olympic Games and the athletes who compete in them, so what gives?

According to the Associated Press report, Ford stated that he asked for an immediate re-vote when he noticed his mistake on both votes—although there is some conjecture as to the term immediate

Here is his explanation, courtesy of The National Post

City councilor Adam Vaughn has this to say in the AP article: 

“Everyone when he did it said, ‘What are you doing, Rob?’” Vaughn said. “He shrugged his shoulders and let it go. And then a half-hour later, not immediately, a half-hour later, when Twitter and social media went off the charts, his staff came and said, ‘You better fix this. You look like a fool.’ Because you know what? He is one.”

Brother Doug Ford obviously saw it another way: "No one in this city supports the black community more than Rob Ford. No one. Bottom line. Zing. Done. And no one supports the Olympic athletes more than Rob Ford."

Now, the report does mention that Ford recently hurt his back lifting weights, giving us enough reason to use this tweet

Of course, there were other thoughts on Twitter: 

And so we have just another chapter in a captivating and crazy page-turner. We don't actually believe Ford is against either Mandela or Olympic athletes. 

With a laundry list of absurdity, it's easy to believe he may have been out for attention or actually suffered a miscue in deciding between the seemingly simple decision of "yes" vs. "no."

When it comes to all things Ford, neither should be all that surprising. Nor should we expect this to be the last mind-boggling story to come out of Camp Ford. 

Spend enough time on this here Internet machine and you will see just about everything. Chances are good that Ford will feature. 


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