WWE NXT: Full Preview, Rumors and More for April 3

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistApril 3, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

WWE NXT has been taking the WWE Universe by storm ever since the WWE Network launched in February, and Thursday's episode will feature more of the future of WWE in action.

This episode was taped a few weeks back, so if you want spoilers, you can find them, but this will be a largely spoiler-free preview.

The recent airings of NXT have been some of the first experiences with the developmental brand many WWE fans have had since they did not watch on WWE.com or Hulu before the WWE Network started up.

With WrestleMania right around the corner, you can expect at least a couple videos and segments devoted to the event, but NXT has a lot of its own drama going on to address.


Kalisto Rumor

Kalisto has been signed to a WWE developmental contract for quite some time, but he has yet to make an impact on NXT.

Kalisto wrestled the dark match before this week's NXT taping, which could be a sign that we will be seeing him more in the upcoming weeks.

WWE always has someone wrestle dark matches before they make their debut, but seeing as we have been waiting nearly a year for him to break out, WWE should be ready to pull the trigger on Kalisto.


Match Previews

Emma vs. Sasha Banks (w/ Charlotte)

Emma's dancing may be a bit odd to most of the WWE Universe, but the ones who have been watching NXT since she arrived know this is just one of her many quirks.

Sasha Banks is one of the brighter spots in the NXT Divas division, and Emma has already proven that she can go, so this should be a solid match.

With the loss Charlotte suffered to Natalya last week, it will be interesting to see how she acts on the show this week. Perhaps she will take out some frustrations on the bubbly Emma.

The Divas of NXT have a lot to offer, and the three women in this match will highlight that point.


The Ascension vs. Some Jobbers

NXT tag team champions, The Ascension will get an easy week as they take on two men who are not from NXT and pose no threat to the champions.

Even in a squash, it should be fun to watch this extremely talented tag team do what brought them to the game in the first place.


Brodus Clay vs. Xavier Woods

A feud that began on WWE television will continue on the WWE Network as the former Funkasaurus will take on the man he thinks stole his music, women and gimmick in Xavier Woods.

Woods is talented, but he has not exactly been able to find a way to put the much bigger Brodus Clay in his place.

Clay has not been seen on WWE TV in a singles match in quite some time, so seeing which direction WWE will take his character on NXT should be fun to watch.

While Clay is not the best big man in the ring today, he is certainly no slouch, so this match could end up being much better than it looks on paper.


Tyler Breeze vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Yoshi Tatsu hasn't been in a match on Raw or SmackDown in many months, so it will be nice to see the Japanese Superstar on some form of WWE programming.

Tyler Breeze has one of those gimmicks that makes it really easy to hate him, which means Tatsu will undoubtedly have the crowd behind him.

This will likely be the match of the night as both of these men utilize a quick pace and have a few exciting moves in their bag of tricks.

Tatsu lost a match to Corey Graves on last week's show, so he will be looking to turn his luck around, while Breeze will be looking to extend his winning ways after defeating Xavier Woods last week.

This seems like a pretty standard week of NXT, but that doesn't mean the show won't be good. These really are the future stars of WWE and you should take some time to check it out if you haven't already.


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