HS Pitcher Tosses Unbelievable Perfect Game, Strikes out All 21 Batters in Game

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As ridiculous as it sounds, terms like dominance, perfect game and no-hitter don't seem to paint the full picture here, because Mike Delio managed to strike out every single batter he faced in a game recently. 

It seems you can improve on perfection. 

Newsday's Mike Gavin (h/t Yahoo! Sports) reports on one of the more remarkable sporting feats we've ever heard of, minus the outrageous records garnered playing video games. 

On Tuesday, junior pitcher Delio was indeed performing like some video game avatar, slaying every last batter he faced with ease. 

If this story weren't already amazing, the Carle Place (N.Y.) High School pitcher was kicking off his varsity career, spending the last two seasons on the junior varsity team. 

Delio was obviously humbled by his own performance, via Gavin: "I've had dreams of throwing no-hitters and perfect games but nothing like this. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

Carle Place also enjoyed an outpouring of offense, ultimately winning Tuesday's game 15-0. But the real story is how one young man took on every last batter and sent them away befuddled, flummoxed and downright mystified. 

CBS New York ran with the wonderful story (video posted above). In the report, Delio seems to just be coming down from the euphoria of utter domination: "It was just an amazing experience. I'm still in shock."

Carle Place coach Brian Krummenacker spoke with a reporter as well, relaying just how rare this performance was: "I've been around for a long time and I've never even heard of something like this before."

CBS New York's Otis Livingston broke down just how dominant Delio was in his first start at the varsity level. He reportedly tossed just 84 pitches, 60 of them for strikes. (As noted on Twitter, he should have 63 strikes.) What's more profound is that he put his perfecto in danger just twice with a full count. 

Gavin gives us a brief scouting report on what the opposition might see in the future: "Delio, who pitched on junior varsity for the previous two seasons, said his strategy was to get ahead early in the count with fastballs on the corner and then attack with his knuckle-curve."

According to the reports, Delio touches 85 miles per hour with his fastball, which is apparently more than enough to dispatch would-be sluggers. 

As he mentions in the video, he assumes there will be more interested observers in his next start, which is to be expected. 

Having that much on your fastball at a young age, combined with great control and a breaking ball, we absolutely love his chances for the rest of his prep career. 

We will toss out the obvious "It's just one game" caveat, but this was hardly an ordinary performance. Delio absolutely has some sick stuff; just ask the poor kids from Hempstead who had to face him. 

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