Fantasy Football: Thursday and Monday Performers

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Fantasy Football: Thursday and Monday Performers

IconWeek One is over, and every team has laid their cards out on the table.

For those of you still trying to figure out who goes where for next week, I’m giving you three players in each of four categories from the Thursday and Monday games—Good Investment, Overachieving, Underachieving, and Waiver Wire/Trade Bait.

Remember, just because a player is overachieving doesn’t mean that he'll be only means he won’t be as good as his current stat line.

Good Investment

Frank Gore

He looks to be recovered from that broken hand, but he hardly wowed me on Monday. The good news is he'll have better games. Gore is definitely "The Man" inside the 20—and when Smith gets his game together, you'll start seeing some two-TD games.

Eric Johnson

Using a TE in New Orleans? Crazy talk! Johnson didn't have the flashiest game, but eight receptions from a QB looking for stability is a sign of good things to come. Assuming Brees gets his act together, there's a real chance Johnson could be a top-five TE this year.

Chad Johnson/T.J. Houshmandzadeh/Carson Palmer

Great work all around. Palmer laced a beauty to Chad, and Housh blew by a tough secondary like he was skipping out on a bill. If you own any of these guys, hang on to them, as they're going to turn it on against the weak defenses to come.  


Edgerrin James

I like Edge, but there's no way he's going to run for big yards through a sea of people fatter than LenDale White. The Arizona offensive line is terrible, plain and simple. James had a few lucky breaks, but still averaged only 3.6 yards per carry. 90+ yards will be a rarity for sure. I'd expect closer to 70 and a TD every other week.

Musa Smith

In case you forgot, Willis McGahee actually had a pretty good game. Yes, Smith got the 3rd-and-goal, but that's about it on his day. He's a backup. Anyone who picks him up to start is a total moron. If he gets more than 10 touches in any game, I'll be stunned.

Derrick Mason

Not the number-one option in Baltimore anymore. When McNair (or someone else) decides to throw to Mark Clayton, your numbers will take a serious hit. No more than five receptions in any given week from here on out.


Tab Perry

Keep your eyes on this guy. When Housh and Ocho-Cinco are covered, Perry's the third option. The Bengals threw to him a few times on Monday, but none of the passes were any good. Until Palmer encounters another tough secondary, you can probably start him as a WR3 in deeper leagues. His value obviously explodes if either star gets hurt.

Alex Smith 

He's better than that, I promise. Monday's showing was a pathetic mishmash of 38-step drops and wobbly throws. Hopefully, it's just the opening night jitters, because Smith showed some real promise on that last drive. 

New Orleans Offense

Not sure what happened here, but Brees is much better than this. Same goes for Bush and McAllister, both of whom were shut down in an ugly way. If there's an owner who's looking to sell, make sure you're buying, as Bush could be a top-five RB this season, and Brees could be a top-five QB.

Waiver Fodder/Trade Bait

Steve McNair

I've seen hookers who do a better job handling the ball, and they get paid much less than McNair. Three fumbles is Grossman-esque, and he doesn't run anymore. Barring the occasional red-zone strike, McNair is washed up. It's only a matter of time before Boller takes over...a sad day indeed.

Kyle Boller

He's also terrible, remember? I don't know what parallel universe you're in where Boller and Tarvaris Jackson suddenly became Fantasy options...but in my universe, these guys stay on the waiver wire. 

Rudi Johnson

Okay, don't actually drop him, but he really did look like crap. I would trade him as soon as possible based on name alone. Try and package him for MJD and something nice, as I don't see him catching the ball anytime soon.

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