These Are The Denver Nuggets

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These Are The Denver Nuggets
GOOD LORD! a few weeks ago i blasted Carmelo Anthony for "manning up" to his DUI charge, just when you think that perhaps, 'Melo would/could grow up and try to remove his ever present black eye, in the public eye, 'melo utters the worst word you could say in sports, or in life in general. QUIT. Im out of my element writing (once again) about basketball, but Anthony's latest "grow up" moment takes another cake. and, said cake maker is running out of icing. in fact, the cake maker has turned off the lights and left the cake shop for good. hmm enough about cake. the NBA's 3rd highest team payroll is a disgrace. The nuggets current roster is only good for winning an NBA title on the x-box 360/ Playstation 3. if THAT. but, where do you pit the blame? the players? Coach George Karl? Nuggets management? Nuggets owner Stan Kronke? i say you pit the blame on ALL. its never fair to pit the blame on a coach/coaching staff, and yes George Karl tends to wear teams/players thin after a while,The Supersonics of (Enter name of hometown here) and Gary Payton are examples of wearing thin of George Karl.  A few days ago i read that Larry Brown is pondering another return to coaching in basketball, either college or pro, im sure he wouldnt even come close to the nuggets should Karl get the axe, or leaves on his term, would YOU want to coach a team of overrated/under acheving cry babies? As for the players, well i was hoping the nuggets would not make the playoffs, because they dont diserve it, and they would lay another goose egg in the playoffs. The Golden State Warriorrs deserve the last playoff spot in the NBA west, THEY, like last year, can at least put up a fight against the Lakers, and as they did to Dallas the year before, have a better chance at beating said Lakers. The nuggets need to blow it up, and rebuild, question is, where does Anthonys brick go in the rebuild process? how is it, that Dwayne Wade has a ring, and "King" James has more playoff success than 'Melo? well for one, personal issues aside, Wade and James are BETTER players, and they dont whine to the refs. and well, THEY'RE MATURE! again, im way out of my element, but come on, blow this thing up, and find building bricks that WANT to be here, not for the OVERPRICED contracts but want to be here to WIN, and play and not bitch, moan and whine because YOU, the PLAYER cant even make a damn layup. Im sure it will be hard to move Anthony, his baggage, his boxes of tissues, his laptop full of "im sorry/ gotta man up" press conference statements, and not to mention, his contract with 5 years and about 42 Million remaining on it, im sure some teams would love to have him, but WHY? The nuggets should be  a team to be in the playoffs to WIN IT, not to just Make the playoffs to sell tickets to fill a pepsi center for 2 "playoff" exhibition games. In a society that enjoys drama, the Denver Nuggets should pitch the notion of a reality TV show with the tagline of "Millionare, spoiled, cry baby, immature ballers" to CBS, perhaps the show entitled "The Nuggets of Our Lives" would bring in higher Nelson ratings then "Survivor" and "Big Brother 182" at this point THATS all the Denver Nuggets are worthy of doing.

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Denver Nuggets

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