'There's Only One Thing Left to Do'

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IJune 17, 2009

"I figure it's going to take 54 more victories to win this thing. Every time we win, we peel a section."

The Cleveland Indians celebrated the 20th anniversary of “Major League” this week and I’m pretty sure Ken Macha must have used some “Major League” tactics to turn things around for the Brew Crew.

The Brewers came into the series having lost six of seven games, scoring 27 runs combined in those seven games (3.8 runs per game). Five of the six losses came at home. In the three-game series at Cleveland, the Brewers swept the Indians and scored 30 runs (10 runs per game). Clearly, Macha channeled some Lou Brown to turn this thing around.

Speaking of “Major League,” Uecker was in vintage form once again on Monday as he discussed his role as Indians play-by-play announcer Harry Doyle in the classic baseball movie. Ueck talked at length about the film with his broadcast partner Cory Provus and Indians announcer Mike Hegan, who Uecker previously worked with in Milwaukee.

Uecker hit on everything from his deadly first pitch at Monday’s game, Charlie Sheen’s appearance fees, the shelf life of “Major League,” the less-than-classic “Major League 3″ and more. I pulled out most of the gems and put them together in the clip below. It got a little long (10 minutes), but it’s worth the listen.


“The post-game show is brought to you by… Christ, I can’t find it. To hell with it.”