Why Texas Tech TE Jace Amaro Is a Perfect Draft Fit for the Green Bay Packers

Matt SteinCorrespondent IIApril 4, 2014

Tight end Jace Amaro is the perfect draft fit for the Green Bay Packers.
Tight end Jace Amaro is the perfect draft fit for the Green Bay Packers.LM Otero

When you look across the roster of the Green Bay Packers, there are quite a few holes that can be noticed. Most of them are on the defensive side of the ball.

However, when the NFL draft rolls around, it might be an offensive player that the Packers select in the early rounds. That player might be Texas Tech tight end Jace Amaro, a perfect fit for Green Bay.

Why is Amaro a perfect prospect? Let's break down exactly what makes this former Red Raiders tight end such an ideal fit for the Packers.


The Need for a Tight End

One of the biggest reasons Amaro is such a perfect fit is the fact that the Packers have such a desperate need for a tight end. Yes, they have Andrew Quarless, Ryan Taylor and Brandon Bostick on the roster, but do any of those tight ends currently look like a No. 1?

Amaro has the potential to be a top tight end in the league from day one. In the video below, Bleacher Report's Matt Miller compares Amaro's game to Cleveland Browns' tight end Jordan Cameron:

That's the same Cameron that broke out in a major way to the tune of 80 receptions, 917 yards and seven touchdowns. Oh yeah, and that was with Brandon Weeden throwing him the football. Imagine what he could have done with a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers.

The reality in Green Bay is that this team still needs a top tight end target. It may not be as big of a need as safety, but it's a need nonetheless.

And if a player like Amaro is available for the Packers in the earlier rounds, it'd absolutely be wise to select him.


A Perfect Fit in the Offense

When you think about Jermichael Finley, he was really the perfect tight end for the Packers offense if he were to have ever reached his potential. Unfortunately, he never did and now a neck injury will likely keep him from doing so in Green Bay.

Amaro is an extremely similar prospect to Finley, except he's a bit more polished. As you can see from Matt Miller, he's an extremely athletic tight end:

What ultimately makes Amaro a perfect fit for the Packers offense is his ability to do so many things.

When Finley was on the field last year, he played just over 31 percent of his snaps from the slot, according to Pro Football Focus (subscription required). Amaro was made to play from the slot.

The biggest knock on Finley was his struggles with blocking. While many don't believe Amaro can block, he doesn't see it the same way. In an interview with Rich Cimini of ESPN.com, Amaro had this to say about his ability to block:

It’s kind of hard to see what I can do from the television set. I think when (Tommy) Tuberville was there, I did a much better job of blocking. That was my role in the offense was to be more of a blocker and catch the balls. So I think that when (Kliff) Kingsbury came in, he told me I’m going to need you to catch 10-plus balls every single game for us to be successful. I did what he asked me to do and we threw the ball 50, 60 times, but that was our game plan.

Amaro is a complete prospect who can do everything that the Packers offense could ever ask him to do.



Not only would Amaro fill a need for the Packers, but he'd be the ideal tight end in the offense that the Packers run. He'd be a major upgrade over any tight end currently on the Packers roster and would almost certainly make an impact from day one.

With Amaro in the lineup, the Packers offense would instantly become even more dangerous that it already is. If Amaro is available to the Packers in the early rounds of the draft, there is simply no reason for them to not select him.