NCAA Tournament Final Four Award Results

RM Herold@@BR_RollinFeatured ColumnistApril 6, 2014

NCAA Tournament Final Four Award Results

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    Well, well, well... Has everyone recovered from the Final Four yet?

    The results are in from both the games as well as our Final Four polls, and the people have spoken. Most of you out there seem to be really big fans of those young 'Cats from Kentucky.

    Go ahead and click away to find out who else came up big.

Freshest Dunk: Marcus Lee

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    There were several dunks to choose from, including the DeAndre Daniels' one-hander, but Mr. Lee's contribution resonated most with the voters.

    Maybe it's because he seemed to stay up there forever. Lee had a handful of amazing dunks this tournament, so expect more of the same on Monday night. 

Most Impressive Play: Alex Poythress

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    Some people wondered why Harrison's game-winning three-point shot wasn't one of the choices. Well, that's because he's done it twice before, silly. Old news.

    No, actually the committee (of one) thought it made more sense to put him in the winners category. No other reason than that. 

    Besides, Aaron probably wouldn't mind, since it allowed his teammate to grab this award.

    Here's a suggestion to UConn defenders come Monday: When Mr. Poythress feels like dunking, I suggest folks move out of his way.

Biggest Winner of the Final Four: Aaron Harrison

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    This is getting ridiculous.

    There was another Final Four game on, folks. It's not all about Kentucky. Sheesh.

    Yeah, yeah, Harrison hits a deep three.

    Rinse, wash and repeat. No, I'm not a hater.

    I kind of like the baby Cats, actually. Not as much as this guy, but still. 

    I'm wondering how many of these Cats are going to make it to the next level. I'm thinking at least three of them. 

Best Moment of the Final Four: Kentucky Pile on

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    Best moment from last night?

    Oh, what a surprise, Kentucky celebrating wins over a kid hugging his mom.

    His mom. 

    So the question is, which team is the team of destiny? UConn or Kentucky. 

Most Disappointing Performance: Scottie Wilbekin

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    I bet Scottie wishes Kentucky won this category as well. Poor guy.

    I hate this category because there are a lot of factors that go into having a bad game. A lot of times if you are the key to your team's success, stopping you becomes the opposing coach's priority. So yeah, Wilbekin and Kaminsky both had subpar games but the other teams had something to do with that. 

For All You Wildcat Fans out There

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    Just know that Drake is a Kentucky fan.


    Just saying.