One and Done: Cleveland Indians Send Jeremy Sowers Back to Triple-A

Tony DiTonto-GrethelCorrespondent IApril 27, 2008

Talk about unfortunate circumstances.

Sowers, who was originally called upon to fill the gap for Indians' pitcher Jake Westbrook, now will be heading back to Triple-A Buffalo as Grady Sizemore's ankle injury seems to be more of an issue than people originally expected.

Even though Aaron Laffey was originally expected to be the pitcher optioned after this series against the Yankees, Grady Sizemore's sprained ankle unfortunately mended the situation. The Indians needed an extra outfielder, and the only option available was to option Sowers down, allowing Laffey to become the new substitute for Jake Westbrook's absence.

Brad Snyder was the outfielder called upon to fill the roster. 

Sowers pitched 5 1/3 innings this past Saturday, giving up three earned runs (which by the way really weren't his fault) and striking out 3 in the process.

Manager Eric Wedge described Sowers as someone with "great poise", and told the press how he was impressed on Sowers' performance.  


The Indians and Yankees are ending their series with on Monday with Mike Mussina and Aaron Laffey, the new Westbrook substitute, on the mound for each team.

The Indians will be aiming to win the majority of the series, while also getting back to .500.