Power Ranking World T20 Commentators

Chris Teale@@chris_tealeFeatured ColumnistApril 3, 2014

Power Ranking World T20 Commentators

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    For all of us not fortunate enough to be attending the World Twenty20 in Bangladesh, these individuals are vital in helping us understand what is going on during those frantic overs.

    Television commentators have often become celebrities in their own right, regardless of whether they played professionally themselves, gaining popularity around the world for their work behind the microphone.

    For this year’s World T20 tournament, the International Cricket Council has employed a star-studded squad of commentators for its international television coverage.

    Taking the top names from across the word, it has moulded together a team that includes a number of former players and other journalists knowledgeable about the game of cricket.

    Some have been particularly impressive, while others, perhaps, have been a little too much, with their antics and choice of words overshadowing some fine work.

    Read on for a power ranking of the 2014 World T20 commentators.

21. Danny Morrison

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    The eccentric Danny Morrison is adored in the Indian Premier League (IPL), but his antics here have been a little much at times.

    Clearly a showman who loves the big stage, he is perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea.

20. Ravi Shastri

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    Is Ravi Shastri in danger of becoming a parody of himself in the commentary box?

    Clearly very experienced and well-versed in Twenty20 cricket, his habit of getting overly excited at the slightest event on the field is a bit much after a while.

19. Pommie Mbangwa

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    Clearly adept at getting a crowd fired up, Pommie Mbangwa seems to be another who falls into the trap of getting overly excited at every small event.

    Every ball is an event in Twenty20 cricket, but perhaps there is a balance to be found.

18. Wasim Akram

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    A highly respected bowler and coach, Wasim Akram is not afraid of expressing an opinion from the commentary box.

    However, his other commitments may prevent him from having more regular opportunities in broadcasting.

17. Sourav Ganguly

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    Former India captain Sourav Ganguly seems to be lining himself up for a campaign to become president of the BCCI.

    In this tournament, he has provided some useful insight and clearly still has a superb cricket brain that should serve him well in administration.

16. Russel Arnold

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    A popular commentator, Russel Arnold has long been involved in radio commentary and now is making steps toward a television career.

    He will be encouraged by his outings here.

15. Jonty Rhodes

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    Still working hard even in retirement, South African Jonty Rhodes remains an authoritative voice on the air.

    His work in the IPL clearly stands him in good stead, especially when analysing team strategy.

14. Isa Guha

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    Isa Guha of the England Women's Cricket Team poses for a picture at Downing Street on July 14, 2009 in London, Tuesday, July 14, 2009. England retained the ashes with Captain Charlotte Edwards leading the team to victory over Australia in the one-off Test
    Dan Kitwood

    A great servant to women’s cricket in England, Isa Guha now seems to be on the cusp of a good career in broadcasting after impressing in Bangladesh.

13. Melanie Jones

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    Former Australian cricketer Melanie Jones looks at home in front of the camera, or behind the microphone, and showed that once again at the World T20.

    She is another retired player who has made a seamless transition into a media career.

12. Brian Murgatroyd

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    6 May 1999:  Portrait of England Press Officer Brian Murgatroyd. \ Mandatory Credit: Laurence Griffiths /Allsport
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    Quickly gaining a reputation as being one of the better commentators in international cricket, Brian Murgatroyd has been successful here and not afraid to express his opinions.

11. Alan Wilkins

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    Wilkins (Centre)
    Wilkins (Centre)Saurabh Das

    An enormously versatile commentator, Alan Wilkins is someone who is vastly experienced and clearly comfortable on the world stage.

    Perhaps, he's commentating on a number of sports helps, as he does not succumb to the extra antics some of his colleagues employ at times.

10. Athar Ali Khan

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    Former Bangladesh batsman Athar Ali Khan has been an invaluable addition to the commentary box.

    Not just a token commentator for the home country, Khan has been very solid indeed and is helpful in providing a balance in commentary duos.

9. Shane Warne

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    Great value and always ready with a nugget of information from his tremendous career, Shane Warne has clearly embraced his relatively new role in television.

    It is clear too that the ICC thinks highly of him, as do those in Australia and the UK.

8. Nick Knight

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    Comfortable in any situation and able to have a rapport with anyone he is partnered with, Nick Knight has quickly become one of Sky Sports’ better commentators.

    With his work for the ICC, it is clear he is becoming someone who can be relied upon on the world stage.

7. Alison Mitchell

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    A very versatile commentator on television and radio, Alison Mitchell has been an assured presence during this tournament.

    With her role in the ICC’s worldwide coverage, perhaps even greater things are to come for her in international cricket.

6. Rameez Raja

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    Another vastly experienced commentator, Rameez Raja often seems to prefer letting his more boisterous colleagues have the spotlight.

    However, that should not mask a very shrewd operator with one of the best analytical brains in television commentary.

5. Shaun Pollock

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    Former South African captain Shaun Pollock exhibits the consistency in the commentary box that he showed as one of the Proteas’ leading fast bowlers.

    Unflashy but able to explain anything that happens on the field, Pollock is able to draw on a vast amount of cricketing experience, and it shows.

4. Harsha Bhogle

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    Another enormously knowledgeable presence in the commentary box has been Harsha Bhogle, who manages to talk just as well as he writes.

    Very experienced in cricket journalism around the world, he has been a very valuable addition to the team.

3. Sanjay Manjrekar

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    A leading authority on the game of cricket, regardless of the format, Sanjay Manjrekar puts aside the gimmicks of his peers to give a clear and concise view of the action on the field.

    Never one to waste his words, Manjrekar reads the game like few others and has yet again been crucial to the broadcast team.

2. Ian Bishop

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    Delivering much of his commentary with humour and good grace, Ian Bishop has become an important member of the broadcast team.

    Having been a fast bowler not known for displaying many niceties, Bishop is completely different on television and a calming influence on those around him.

1. Nasser Hussain

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    Enormously knowledgeable and forthright in his views, former England captain Nasser Hussain remains one of the best in the world when it comes to commentary.

    One of Sky Sports’ most respected commentators in the U.K., Hussain is comfortable on the world stage too and is unflappable in any situation.