Poor Officiating Taints TUF Finals: Wilks Advances Via Illegal Knee

Margus LCorrespondent IJune 17, 2009

Nothing pisses me off more than people who can't do their job right; and lately UFC has been hiring plenty of referees who just plain suck.

I just finished watching Franky Lester vs. James Wilks—and the only thing I have to say is WTF was the referee doing? Half of the knees that landed happened when Lester had one knee down. I might be new to MMA, but isn't it illegal to knee the downed opponent to the head? By "down" I mean any of the four points—knees or elbows—touching ground.

If I'm wrong, pardon my novice ignorance about the sport's rules, but I'm quite sure that there are other referees, also in the UFC who regularly screw up in big ways. Another example being the Cro Crop vs. Al Turk match-up where referee was so stupid that he did not realize the illegal eye poke.

I know what you all are saying: The outcome of both of those fights would not have been different. My whole point of this article is not to take credit away from the winners, but it is to say that the referees who UFC hires SUCK; and by the ref doing shoddy job, they take the glory away from the fighters who really deserve to win.

Keep the fights clean please or bring BIG John McCarthy back!


!!Update!! I watched the fight again and took a picture - and you can clearly see that the last knee was thrown when both his hand and knee touched the ground - I thought ref was going to call a foul - but what do I know - I would have thought this is DQ!!!

So congratulations to the British Team!