USA's Zusi Gets Tequila Gift from Writer for Saving Mexico's World Cup Hopes

BR-UK StaffFeatured Columnist IVApril 2, 2014


Graham Zusi: Saviour of Mexico?

The American winger scored a late goal against Panama in CONCACAF's final World Cup qualifier, which had no impact on the USA's advancement but eliminated the hosts. And who advanced in their stead? America's bitter rivals Mexico, which had been defeated by Costa Rica moments prior.

So as unusual as it may be, Zusi is a bit of a hero to Mexican football. Ahead of the two sides' meeting on Wednesday night, a Mexican reporter gave him a bottle of tequila along with a special message. Per MLS Soccer, the message was: 

I promised this to my father. This is on behalf of the 365k Mexicans who you probably saved their jobs. On behalf of my family, and other people's families, a present from us for saving our asses in the World Cup.

While we're sure the gesture is sincere, some Mexican fans might be hoping the U.S. team sample the tequila a bit early. After all, it may be a friendly, but these teams still aren't quite friends.