Kings' Reggie Evans Fined $15K for Flagrant Elbow to Pelicans' Anthony Davis

Stephen BabbFeatured ColumnistApril 1, 2014

USA Today

Sacramento Kings forward Reggie Evans is known for his physical play, and his elbow against Anthony Davis on Sunday night did little to change that. More of the same, perhaps, but that didn't stop the NBA from noticing.

Evans was assigned a flagrant-2 foul for the play and ejected from the game, demonstrating the league's increasingly low tolerance for anything that could be perceived as deliberate contact to the head. Just how deliberate the play was remains open to interpretation, but Evans was certainly guilty of an offensive foul.

One that left Davis reeling. 

Some might question the harshness of the fine. Evans seems to have done just that.

But Evans' history may have had something to do with it. The NBA is known for making statements when the need arises. Additionally, Pro Basketball Talk's Brett Pollakoff notes that, "As for the fine, the way Evans chose to leave the floor was likely a contributing factor."

Fans of Evans will also note that this is simply how he makes a living. He isn't exactly a finesse player, and that hasn't stopped him from making a gritty impact for the Kings.

He'll just have to try a little harder not to make impact with opponents' faces.

The Kings value Evans for the tone he sets. The 33-year-old brings unquestioned toughness to Sacramento's young roster, and he'll remain an integral part of the team's developing culture.

If he can stay on the floor, anyway.