WWE WrestleMania 30 Rumors: Latest News, Spoilers and More Involving Match Card

Tim Keeney@@t_keenContributor IApril 5, 2014

Photo courtesy of WWE.com

As the 30th anniversary of the biggest wrestling event of the year, WrestleMania 30 has a lot of pressure to live up to expectations. 

Some may have lost faith in the company after Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber, but it's hard to argue that the card for the massive pay-per-view isn't incredibly enticing.

It all starts with Daniel Bryan, the ultimate fan favorite and showstopper who will likely be in action twice during the night. He takes on Triple H and will join Randy Orton and Batista in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match should he defeat The Game.

Then, of course, you have The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar. The Streak vs. The Beast. Two of the most physically imposing wrestlers in the history of the sport. 

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt, the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and The Shield vs. Kane and The New Age Outlaws headline the middle of the card, while the WWE Tag Team and Divas Championships will also be on the line. 

Here's a look at the entire card:

WrestleMania XXX Card
MatchTitle / Stipulation
Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. Daniel Bryan/Triple HTriple Threat WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Bryan vs. Triple HWinner added to main event
The Undertaker vs. Brock LesnarN/A
John Cena vs. Bray WyattN/A
The Shield vs. Kane & New Age OutlawsSix-Man Tag
Andre the Giant Memorial Battle RoyalN/A
Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship InvitationalDivas Championship
The Usos vs. Real Americans vs. Los Matadores vs. RybaxelTag Team Championships Fatal 4-Way


Bryan, the most over superstar in the business, is the current favorite to walk away from WrestleMania XXX as the undisputed champion, and there haven't been any rumors to quell that belief. 

F4WOnline, via WrestlingInc.com, reported in early March about possible plans for Bryan and Cena after WrestleMania:

For what it's worth, it's said within WWE that current plans have John Cena and Daniel Bryan being pushed as the #1 and #2 guys in the company after WrestleMania XXX, now that CM Punk is gone. No word yet if this means Bryan is winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

There has also been talk about Bryan and his fiance Brie Bella both winning titles Sunday night, but WrestlingInc.com's Marc Middleton put an end to that speculation:

There's a report going around that WWE is considering having Daniel Bryan win the WWE World Heavyweight Title and Brie Bella win the Divas Title at WrestleMania XXX to go along with the season finale of Total Divas, which will feature their wedding. While their wedding will be the focus of the end of the season, there has been no talk within WWE of this happening. That's not to say Bryan won't win the title, but the report of him and Brie both winning titles for the season finale is false.

That's probably more an indication of Bella being an underdog, though, as Bryan remains a strong bet to finally have his moment at WrestleMania.

Although former WWE writer Andrew Goldstein thinks "trolling" the fans with a Triple H win would be a "super smart move," he doesn't think The Game will ruin Bryan's parade, as indicated by his interview with The Shoot, via WrestlingInc.com's Raj Giri:

Super smart move. Especially if Triple H actually wins, which I don't think is going to happen, but lets just play out that scenario. Let's say Triple H beats Daniel Bryan. It's the most epic trolling of wrestling nerds of all time. They would be dangling a carrot in front of every smart wrestling fan and pulling it away. I would like it just for that reason. The other thing, playing that scenario out. Triple H wins, he gets put in the match. How cool is the 3 guys from Evolution in one match? As triple threats go, I wouldn't mind seeing that match.

I'm sure that would go over really well. 

As for the Battle Royal, Brad Maddox—yes, Brad Maddox—made himself the 27th official entrant, leaving room for three surprise guests in the 30-man battle. 

Two who seem to be strong bets to join the party are Alexander Rusev and Rob Van Dam. The Bulgarian Brute, despite not even being officially announced as a participant, holds the best odds to win the entire match at 11-4, ahead of guys such as Big E, Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler. 

RVD, as Middleton noted, has been rumored as a participant, while Jericho further hinted that the high-flying veteran could be on his way back:

One particularly popular rumor, meanwhile, looks forward to WrestleMania XXXI. According to WrestlingObserver.com, via WrestleZone.com's Chris Cash, there is talk that The Undertaker, who is expected to extend his WrestleMania streak Sunday against Lesnar, will battle Sting in the ultimate dream match next year:

The latest regarding Sting's debut and future work with WWE is that he'll only be wrestling one singles match with the company. Of course, the expectation is that if he's only working one match, it will be against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31 next year. However, it's unknown whether or not WWE will decide to reveal those plans on WrestleMania Sunday or the following night on RAW. 

That's a report sure to intrigue almost any fan, but it's also in the very distant future.

For now, the focus remains on New Orleans and WrestleMania XXX, and one doesn't need rumors or potential spoilers to know that the ultra-popular event should be scintillating. 


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