Brandon Jennings Fined $5,000 for 2nd Flopping Violation of 2013-14 Season

Stephen Babb@@StephenBabbFeatured ColumnistApril 1, 2014


Detroit Pistons point guard Brandon Jennings took an imaginary hit playing against his old team, the Milwaukee Bucks, on Monday night. Then he took a very real hit to the checkbook.

The NBA decided to charge Jennings $5,000 for violating its policy against flopping. According to the Detroit Free Press' James Jahnke, "Jennings was warned earlier this season after falling twice in a game Dec. 21, against the Houston Rockets."

The league probably didn't have to think too much about it this time around—Jennings went flying like a grenade went off. No grenades were found at the scene of the flop.

In case you were wondering, Mr. Jennings has received word of the fine:

As if he didn't see it coming.

There's no telling whether the fine will actually have a deterrent effect. The fine probably doesn't come as a huge blow to Jennings' salary, so he may not in fact be discouraged from future shenanigans when it comes to trying to sell contact.

On the other hand, the effect of the fines may be largely symbolic—calling players out for infractions that sometimes go unnoticed during the game itself. In that event, Jennings probably doesn't want to become known as a flopper and might shy away from future violations.