Odd Couples

Ian EderyContributor IJune 16, 2009
1. Rony Seikaly and Elsa Benitez

Sure Rony had a decent NBA career, but damn, wouldn't you think the former Swimsuit Issue cover girl and international supermodel would shoot higher? Kobe? Jordan? Hell even Toni Kukoc would have been a step up from Rony fuckin Seikaly! Oh well, props to Mr. Seikaly - hell of a job there.

2. Marko Jaric and Adriana Lima

This duo seems even crazier than the Seikaly/Benitez couple... Adriana Lima - arguably one of the hottest, most famous models out there is marrying.... Marko Jaric?! Have you ever even seen this guy play? (It's not very pretty). I think even US Weekly stayed away from this one, being that nobody on their staff would have any clue who Marko Jaric is. Again though, props to Marko, he is the poster boy for guys all around the world trying to get with chicks way out of their league... good work Marko!

(I'm seeing a theme here, both Jaric and Seikaly are European... maybe it's a Euro thing? You sure don't see the likes of Brian Scalabrine or Wally Sczerbiak landing dimes like these do you?)

3. Andrei and Masha Kirilenko


Wow am I glad I found that picture of AK47. Hahahaha. Clearly that is not his wife, and it is well known (at least via internet rumors) that Masha lets Kirilenko do whatever he wants when they're apart, but I can't imagine she'd be too thrilled seeing that picture. Kirilenko is one of the strangest looking dudes in the NBA, and that picture is just a testament to that. Nothing more needs to be said. Masha's lookin' fine though.

Ok, that's all for now... more to come later. If you have any more NBA odd couples, send them my way and I'll throw em up here.