WWE WrestleMania 30 Matches: Predictions for PPV's Title Matches

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistApril 1, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

There may be a lot more attention on the matches that don't involve titles at WrestleMania XXX—but that doesn't mean there could still be some gold that changes hands at the event.

Whilst the likes of Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H and Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker continue to dominate the buildup to the event, there are still three championships that will have to be defended at the event.

Credit: WWE.com

One of those is the biggest belt currently in the company—the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. And it is a match that will carry much intrigue, given there will be a third member entering the fray following Bryan vs. HHH.

As well as that, we have the sometimes forgotten tag titles on the line, as well as a huge brawl to decide who will head up the Divas division following WrestleMania XXX. But who will win these battles?


Divas Championship 14-Diva Match

We start with the women's division, and the night that AJ Lee may finally come unstuck as Divas champion.

It seems unlikely that Lee would emerge through the pack of women who are competing in the match as champion, leaving her remarkable run at the head of the division continuing.

But if Lee does fail in her bid to defend the title—in a match which is just one fall—who are the likely contenders to replace her?

The Bella Twins seem to be toward the front of the queue—with Nikki Bella perhaps finally getting the belt. However, there are another couple of twists. Naomi was incredibly close to the belt before she suffered an eye injury a couple of months ago—and she beat Lee on Raw this past week.

The outside bet for my money though, is Tamina Snuka. It would be incredibly ironic should Lee's bodyguard be the woman who takes the belt from Lee—although obviously she does not need to pin her. It would make for a good storyline heading out of WrestleMania XXX, too.

Winner: Tamina Snuka


Fatal 4-Way WWE Tag Team Championship Match

The Usos are relative newcomers when it comes to being champions—at least in comparison to the aforementioned AJ Lee. 

However, they too face the realistic possibility of losing their belts without even being pinned at WrestleMania XXX. They face three other teams—The Real Americans, Los Matadores, and Ryback and Curtis Axel.

And in all eventuality, there is only one team who could realistically beat Jimmy and Jey. Let's immediately discount Los Matadores—it is peculiar enough that they are in this match, let alone possibly winning it.

The Real Americans could well split in the match—with Cesaro's popularity starting to outgrow Jack Swagger. It has been teased a few times, and it could well happen at WrestleMania.

That only leaves Ryback and Curtis Axel. Whilst they wouldn't be horrific champions, they aren't on the level of The Usos. Successful defense, for my money.

Winners: The Usos


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

The main event of the evening—or at least it should be. When the dust begins to settle on Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H, it will reignite again with the winner's inclusion in this match.

For what it is worth, I expect Bryan to defeat Triple H and advance into this championship match. That will make for fascinating viewing—especially with Bryan pulling double duty. It is sure to be intriguing.

Batista vs. Randy Orton has been pretty poor as a whole—with Batista's character change throughout the rivalry really not helping proceedings. The inclusion of Bryan or Triple H was essentially desperately needed in order to make the title match worthwhile.

However, despite all of his failings, you still have to make Batista the favorite. He returned to the company for one reason, to win the title at WrestleMania.

Whilst you could conceivably put the belt on him at a later date when he begins to develop as a heel, it just feels like the plans are not bound to change. Orton's reign as champion will come to a pretty limp end, whilst the fans will again be disappointed to see Daniel Bryan come up cruelly short.

Winner: Batista