Dive or No Dive? Vote on Incidents from Messi, Plus Bundesliga, More La Liga

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Dive or No Dive?  Vote on Incidents from Messi, Plus Bundesliga, More La Liga
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It's time for another roundup of potential dives and contentious decisions from the world of football where you, the reader, gets to vote on them.

This time, we're bringing you a couple from earlier on in the season from Spain and Germany. We've also got a slightly different kind of foul from Israel for you to judge!

You can also see a brief incident involving Leo Messi from the weekend's Catalan derby featuring Espanyol and Barcelona.


Vote on Weligton!

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Here's one of the most blatant and ridiculous dives from any player to ever play the game, but there was an incident just beforehand which was less clear-cut.

Malaga captain Weligton tries to defend the ball against Cebolla Rodriguez of Atletico Madrid, who ushers the defender into the corner of the pitch.

After an initial scuffle, the defender goes to the ground—but too easily, or was the hand on his back enough to warrant a foul? The fall and feigned injury after getting back to his feet is pure comedy in either case.

Luca Caldirola

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This "foul" earned a yellow card for Ivan Perisic—decide for yourself if it was warranted.

Caldirola went flying down the left wing before seemingly overrunning the ball and falling over somewhere in the vicinity of his marker.

Wolfsburg boss Dieter Hecking looked none too impressed by the outcome.

Leo Messi

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Here's Messi in action at the weekend in the local derby featuring Espanyol and Barcelona.

Messi goes in for a low header, nodding the ball on to a team-mate down the right wing with a defender quickly closing in on him.

After initially seeming to recover and stand, Messi staggered and went to ground, claiming a knee to the head or body. The right call, or was Messi exaggerating too little contact?

The Referee!

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What's going on here?!

Over in Israel, referee Daniel Bar-Natan seems to body-check left-back Dusan Matovic, stopping a surging run from deep into the penalty area for what would have been a decent chance on goal.

The two needed a bit of treatment, but was the ref trying to simply cover his bruised ego over his error?!

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