April Fool's Day 2014: Sports Stories That Might Catch You out

Mark Patterson@@MarkPattersonBRUK Staff WriterApril 1, 2014

April Fool's Day 2014: Sports Stories That Might Catch You out

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    April Fools' Day means one thing: hilarity, as newspapers and major publications try to tell you lies and see if you notice.

    If you're new to the tradition, or just want to read up a little bit on the history of April Fools' Day, then Wikipedia is a good place to start.

    We're collecting the best of them here, and if you see any we miss, then just leave a note in the comments section and we'll investigate.

Manchester City: Building a Moonslide on Etihad Stadium

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    Manchester City FC Website

    Want to exit the Etihad Stadium via a huge slide? Well, apparently by this time next year you'll be able to do just that.

    According to the official website:

    Now though Orbit [the iconic tower at the London 2012 games] is about to have a rival tentatively dubbed ‘The MoonSlide’ and the work of rising Asian architectural superstar Flora Pi Lo.

    Incorporated in the design for the new South Stand, Lo’s seminal work will be a towering 1,204 feet and will be put to practical use on match days as well as being available for use on non-match days. It will be one of the interactive centre-pieces of the Etihad Campus incorporating the City Football Academy.

    What gives it away: Rearrange the letters of architectural superstar Flora Pi Lo, and you have your answer...

Click Fragrance: David Moyes Skincare Range

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    Click Fragrance

    aNGEFeatured elsewhere on site, the David Moyes skincare range is dubbed "clueless" and promises to add that undesired 20 years on you that you always dreamed of.

    As far as spoofs go, Click Fragrance have gone to town on this one.

    What gives it away: Apart from everything, it was sourced by a Liverpool supporter.

Daily Mail: England's Yellow Shirts

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    Daily Mail

    The Daily Mail claim England will wear a one-off yellow strip at the 2014 World Cup—in honour of hosts Brazil.

    The claim comes one day after the furore over the two-tier shirt pricing system, with a £90 "match official" shirt and a £60 "stadium" shirt. 

    According to the paper:

    Now Sportsmail understands that Nike are set to release a 'limited edition' strip that will make them look just like the host nation.

    As you can see from our exclusive pictures, England stars Adam Lallana, Steven Gerrard and Daniel Sturridge have already modelled the new kit.

    If you like to get angry before you've thought about whether it might be true or not, this is the story for you.

    What gives it away?

    Amongst other things, the author's name of Gethin Shirtie.

Daily Mirror: New Manchester United Away Kit Is Manchester City Blue

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    Daily Mirror

    Another kit story, this time from the Daily Mirror. Trading on the shock generated from David Moyes' line that Manchester United must aspire to be more like Manchester City, the idea that they'll wear the same shirt colour will go down a treat.

    From the Mirror's story:

    'We have played a very good side, playing at the sort of level we are aspiring to,' said the beleaguered boss.

    Manchester United fans will be dismayed to learn that the first step in this process appears to be copying City’s kit design. But insiders at the club have suggested that this is purely a marketing decision, in an attempt to keep hold of Asian supporters who might be tempted to switch allegiances after Manchester City's success this season.

    What gives it away:

    Either Kit Mann was destined to write about nothing else, or he was conjured up just for this story.

McLaren: Secret Underground Track

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    Clive Mason/Getty Images

    McLaren have confirmed what nobody has really suspected for the last 10 years—that they have a secret underground track beneath their fancy headquarters in Woking.

    They've chosen today to release the details on Twitter:

    Revealed: after 10 yrs of speculation, first details of our secret underground track now released. #MTCsecrettrack pic.twitter.com/t1SrBsrpBL

    — McLaren (@McLarenF1) April 1, 2014 

    What gives it away: Hashtagging #MTCSecretTrack? Secrets are usually better off un-hashtagged.