Padres Ballgirl Astonishes with Magical Opening Night Web Gem

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This San Diego Padres ballgirl makes dazzling web-gem grabs in a single bound. 

By the bottom of the eighth inning, Padres fans were feeling rather wonderful about the budding season. After trailing 1-0 for seven innings, San Diego dropped three runs in the eighth, including a pinch-hit home run from Seth Smith. 

With one out and the score 3-1, those tasked with fielding foul balls decided to get into the mix as well, because a screaming line drive to the right side gets picked from the sky as easily as if it were an apple hanging lazily from a tree. 

It was enough to get the announcers booming with praise. The statement "That's a web gem" is met with the equally astonished, "That is indeed a web gem."

We do not disagree. 

This ballgirl stabs at an absolute rope sent down the right-field line. If we were so bold, and we believe we are, she may have saved a fan from getting plunked with the screaming liner. 

Everyone in the vicinity seems content to dive away when the gloved superhero saves the day, asking for little in return. 

And we have to commend her swagger after the dynamite play. Just as the announcer noted, she barely cracks a smirk, waltzing towards a fan to gift the ball like some Gold Glove veteran who just fielded a routine grounder. 

If you believe in baseball superstitions and silliness like fortuitous omens, you might say the Padres are in for one fantastic season. 

There is hardly a better sign than a ballgirl making a grab like this one. 

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