Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H: Biggest X-Factors in Massive WrestleMania Match

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistMarch 31, 2014

Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H: Biggest X-Factors in Massive WrestleMania Match

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    Credit: WWE.com

    It promises to be one of the biggest matches in WrestleMania history when the hottest rivalry over the last year finally comes to a head.

    Daniel Bryan and Triple H have had problems with each other since SummerSlam last year, when Triple H cost Bryan the WWE Championship minutes after he had won it.

    Their rivalry has been on and off and back and forth for some time. However, the match promises much, mostly due to Bryan's massive popularity.

    There are plenty of X-factors to watch out for in this absolutely massive match. Let's take a look at some of them.

The Genuine Possibility of Both Results

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    Credit: WWE.com

    This match is so intriguing because it carries a possibility that plenty of others on the WrestleMania XXX card do not.

    Both men could realistically win. With the prospect of the winner heading into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match, there is an avenue for both men to prevail.

    For Triple H, he could advance to the match and face two of his former Evolution stablemates. And whilst it is the more improbable outcome of the two options, it could still very much happen.

    And as for Bryan, victory for him would give him the chance to finally overcome Randy Orton and The Authority.

    The back-and-forth throughout the match will ensure it is a real classic, and either man could be considered the favorite.

Bryan's Ability

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    Credit: WWE.com

    This is a rather obvious one. Daniel Bryan's technical, aerial and overall ability ensures that he will light up the WrestleMania ring once again.

    After the shambles of 2012 when he lost in 18 seconds, this will be a perfect opportunity to finally show everyone what he is capable of on the grandest stage of them all.

    Whilst Triple H is perhaps not as mobile or agile as he once was, Bryan's electric approach to wrestling will see him surely become the star of the show.

    He's popular enough as he is, but Daniel Bryan's performance will see his fan adulation rise to even newer heights.

Stephanie's Influence

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    Credit: WWE.com

    With matches as huge as this one, there is always bound to be a touch of outside influence.

    And this year, the most likely person to interfere is Stephanie McMahon. She has been coming to the fore as this rivalry approaches WrestleMania, and her sadistic side came out on Raw a couple of weeks ago.

    When Triple H mercilessly beat Bryan up at the end of the show, Stephanie was at her demonic best, cheering Hunter on with each blow.

    Whether Triple H wins or loses, her presence in the match will surely be felt. WrestleMania is at its best with the McMahon's involved, and Stephanie's good run should be allowed to continue.

The Possibility of Vince

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    Credit: WWE.com

    As mentioned, WrestleMania is better with more McMahons in the fray.

    So with that in mind, surely we will see an appearance from Vince McMahon? It would be remarkable to see WrestleMania XXX pass by without Vince showing up at some point.

    And he could have a significant impact on this match, should he turn up during it. Given Triple H and Stephanie's blatant misuse of power, perhaps there is an opportunity for a babyface Vince to come in and aid Bryan.

    That would be some kind of pop if Vince's music hit just as Triple H was about to cover Daniel Bryan. Of course, there is a chance it might not happen.

    But if it did, it would be great booking from the WWE.

The Crowd

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The crowd will inevitably be one of the biggest factors surrounding this match given the WWE Universe's sheer love for Daniel Bryan.

    Whilst the pop Bryan will receive throughout the match will be huge, we shouldn't forget that Triple H has some huge heat on him.

    It is the classic good vs. bad match, and WrestleMania XXX will be the perfect surrounding for these two men to finally end this brilliant rivalry.

    It will be electric when Bryan's music hits and he makes his way down what will be a traditionally oversized ramp.

    Likewise for Triple H. The fans are going to be a huge part of what will be a historic match at WrestleMania XXX.