Diva Spotlight: Layla

Christi LottCorrespondent IJune 17, 2009

Why she's good

Winning the Diva Search contest hasn't always panned out so well for those who do. So far, Layla has been an exception.

She kept herself relevant on ECW by creating a sexy dance troupe, with Layla herself being a trained dancer.

When she stepped in the ring, she began to showcase a natural heel personality, being very physical and vicious.

Layla has been able to prove herself as a very capable wrestler, especially in matches with Michelle McCool.

This gorgeous Brit has really been able to keep people's eye on her.

Why she's bad

While she's been able to show herself to be a capable wrestler, that's not always the case. Her ECW matches against Kelly Kelly were nothing to write home about.

The lack of ring time she gets does hurt being able to stay fluid and active, and that has hurt her a great deal.

What she brings to the WWE

Uniqueness. Let's be honest, Layla is one of two black women on the roster. That alone makes her a stand out.

But Layla has also made herself into a unique character. From the way she speaks to the way she moves, wrestles and acts, Layla could arguably be the WWE's best Diva Search winner.