Diva Spotlight: Kelly Kelly

Christi LottCorrespondent IJune 17, 2009

Why she's good

Kelly is a young, buxom, bubbly and beautiful blonde; a general mold of WWE Divas. She's quite agile, as proven from her ability to perform some unique lucha-inspired moves.

Being just 22, Kelly has the unique ability to truly grow over time as a wrestler and personality. From being a stripping girlfriend to a third wheel in a dance troupe to now a title contender, Kelly has shown that hard work and time can pay off.

Why she's bad

When she started, her wrestling was atrocious. Now, it's sub-par. Around last summer Kelly was really on a roll of improvement and skills, but stalled and seems to have stopped there.

Her character has had an up and down roller coaster of attention. Kelly lacks some natural spunk as far as a character as well.

What she brings to the WWE

Youth. Kelly has time on her side. The older she gets, the wiser she'll get, and hopefully the better she''l get. The WWE has a rare opportunity to mold this young beauty into perhaps their brightest shining star.

Next week I take a look at TNA Knockouts Raisha Saeed and Tara. Stay tuned.