The 10 Most Despised Athletes - New York Style

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The 10 Most Despised Athletes - New York Style

Now that I've got my favorite NYC athletes out of the way it's time to move on to the more interesting ones-the most despised athletes in NYC.

Earning the "despised" label in NYC is not very hard to do, with our rabid media base and passionate fans, one botched play could result in hoards of New Yorkers "despising" you for the rest of your career. These are not the type of players I'm looking for.

Sure Knicks fans despise Charles Smith for getting his layup blocked four times in a row in a must-win playoff situation, or Giants fans despise Plaxico Burress for ruining the team chemistry last year after poppin a cap in his thigh. Although these two make strong cases to make the list, I am excluding them and focusing mainly on our rivals and their least likeable players who make a habit of torturing New York fans... if you know your history I'm sure you can guess who #1 on this list will be, but come along for the ride anyways.

(that's the Boston skyline FYI)

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