Debate: Is Chelsea Boss Jose Mourinho Right to Throw in the Towel?

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Debate: Is Chelsea Boss Jose Mourinho Right to Throw in the Towel?
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Chelsea crashed to defeat to Crystal Palace on Saturday, after which Jose Mourinho threw in the towel in the title race.

Speaking at his post-match press conference, Mourinho said: "Now we have lost our chance of finishing first.

"Now we depend too much on other results. Now, it is impossible to win the title."

Chelsea are still top of the table, so is Mourinho right to say they are out of the race or is he playing his famous mind games?



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Jose played down the title chances when we were 9 or 7 points clear on top of the table, so it is but obvious that he will play it down now when we lo...
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I don't understand how it is throwing in the towel? It's being realistic. We need a ton of help and need to win out. People looked at it as mind games...
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It's the genius of Mourinho. He's just playing mind games. Although I don't see Chelsea winning it because Man City have 2 games in hand and are I'm t...
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Guys, we really aren't so out of it! Yes we need help from other results, but not THAT much. If City go to Anfield and lose, we go to Anfield and win,...
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